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Other than the sacred cows. 855 95 66 100. What do you think of the frugal Republican offer? You never know when the news will break, Keep us on and you will Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. More states are getting 70% of their adults vaccinated against Cove in 19, the latest to join that group are California and Maryland. Overall, the CDC says more than 62% of those 18 and up have gone at least one dose of the vaccine. San Francisco's mayor is upset over the postponement of a vote regarding outdoor dining. The vote pertains to a permanent system for restaurant permitting Park. Let's mayor London Breed said she'll put the issue on the ballot if the Board of Supervisors doesn't approve it soon. The program allows restaurants and bars to expand seating. Two sidewalks and parking spaces to recreation areas along the Los Angeles River are re opening to the public. Starting today, residents are welcome back to the recreation zones at a lesion valley and the suppose it a basin for activities like fishing, walking and kayaking. That was a quick look at the latest news. I'm naked megahits from the I Heart radio newsroom. Sacramento traffic taking a look at KFBK traffic tracking your roadways on this Memorial Day. Start not being Davis West. One idea. Major trouble spot right now, racking up from West Sack to Davis rather basically understand stuff between El Camino Avenue and Mace Boulevard. This is due to run of the mill traffic within the area already slow areas as it is, and we have a Carver's motorcycle crash in the center Divide right at Mace. So pack your patience. If you're using that span today, over in a sacramental your stop and go on north on I five between Arena Boulevard and the airport north of 99, sluggish between 12 and Broadway. Traffic of attends every 10 Minutes mornings and afternoons. I'm Christine Samra News that every 100.1.

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