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And i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast today. Patricia has an article for us. So before we dive into catching up on how things have been going. I would love to hear a little more about the topic. We're going to be discussing today. Yes so today. we're talking about grandparents and how grandparents can help and maybe hurt with work family conflict so yeah super interesting. Amin grandparents often do play a big role in child care. So that's what this is about awesome so if you rely on grandparents for childcare sometimes or if you are a grandparent this be particularly pertinent episode for you to listen to or if you plan to rely on a grandparent for childcare at some point probably good to listen because it sounds like there's some pros and cons that people might want to be more careful about exactly. Yes definitely some pros and cons I will say more pros though. So don't get too discouraged when just listening to this first part get out of here grandparents. You're going down grandma. No no no ranchera best everything's fine. Everything's good well. I'm excited to hear what the story is around that Before we do that how are you. I know you just got back from a trip. So and i did twos we. We talk a little bit about that but how was yours. What what was your time. Like lake trips in different sides of the country. Yes so many lakes but it was nice. We had a good time. There were it was definitely on his. Restful as i wanted it to be. I think i mentioned to you already. 'bout like i got all weird like my body was all weirded out by the altitude which is strange them. Never had altitude issues before and it's not that high like it's basically a little bit higher than denver. So i don't know why i was having issues by first day so that was not fun but generally it was nice like we had a good time with my family and We did get a boat and went on a lake and that was kinda fun around the little lake And it was definitely different scenery different setting than what we're used to so it to get out that's awesome. That's very exciting. I mean i mean altitude part..

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