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I know i turn to my son story. Because i i did. I felt all of that. I felt it right alongside her and it it. It makes me so enthusiastic to help her. Make this a reality. This just this is that these are those moments that. I'm in a bit of a rough patrick now just within the best way but it's whatever matter block that i know will be busted through in the next two weeks but this is why we get these little like god winks in this. This is one from today. so thank you Of just i have like such fiery passion about getting women in those seats of the decision making table because it probably would have been another room. That was turned down because we just work differently. It's okay. I love madam obsessed with them but we need. We just need more women in those pink chairs. Why you who understand it. We absolutely do. And i'll tell you from me. I'm so i shared a passion with you on so deeply. Because it's just we're always benefited by a different lens right away that somebody will look at something differently. The guys walked out of the room with me that day. We'll consider it very differently. If somebody cries in a room with them is they sort of took my respect him roy. Holy shit. we've never thought about about me. She and they're not bad people they just process it differently and it opens their eyes to. Have you know the hot pink sitting at the table with them. I had a man who was so important. Like his validation when i was raising money for For adian for sprout would have really meant the world would have been like getting the you know the absolute anointment and he laughed me out of the room like i mean realized in a row and i walked out of that room and i thought i didn't sit with a didn't sit with the heaviness of that in the anger over it in and it's funny my girlfriend's it would be more pissed about than things bright my behalf. I would end so fast for like years later. I sold the company for a billion dollars in cash right now. i had to. That's when i had like the justin stewart. I had to like send out a little note. Some of these people remember with. I mean the with humor right I gave your billion reasons to believe in me now. And he basically came in. He was sitting in the boardroom. Not actually with jesse but he came in to visit me and it would be very easy to save somebody like that. We didn't have a relationship we've had one interaction and To say like you know f you like no chance after. You treated me that way. And i said please by all means visit and he came in in his like you know. Classic grey suit. He's sitting across in my hot pink chair. My hot pink boardrooms and he says cindy take take a look at this and he reaches down lifts up blake his pant leg to show me. He's wearing hot pink solid like he's you know in his sixties like there was this moment like i will not make that mistake again not holding onto it and letting him calm was to say this is how we change it. People aren't intentionally consciously maliciously against you. They just have blind spots and your challenges. How do you open their eyes. My god i didn't expect to cry this much on this one. It's so it's so powerful. That's why it's a new. It's a new concept taking its new possibility for women which opens up. I mean it opens up everything. It really does it. It's it's a whole other world of of opportunity and that is exciting. That is so exciting. It's things that we didn't even know we were good at that. We can not only be good at but we can just like thrive and help other people find their zone of genius because there's nothing worse than feeling unfulfilled not knowing your purpose and a lot of is because our purpose buried underneath these things that we're supposed to be doing but stories. Are you know old. Stories in patterns and beliefs needs to be broken. I in your europe absolutely doing that and you know in terms of that story. I think that's such beautiful perspective because my husband a lot of times like all be ear -tated or super upset on his behalf may be a guy treated him a certain way or maybe something's going on in some of his friendships where there's also business going on in and i'll be like. Oh my god like aren't you mad as an e like burning bridges. And he's like he's like no. I see as a little boy and he literally says that he's like it's just i know i just i see his little boy like he's got to be seen. He s threes throwing a temper tantrum right now and he's like he literally like. I think i'm here just to like show him. How like you can pull. It doesn't need to be that way like you can do business different and i'm always like oh my god and he just keeps. I link that keeps us relationships and gives everyone a second chance. And that's been one of the biggest things for me is like yeah. He gets irritated and takes that as like maybe some fuel or different things. But it's just that cindy what you just shared like not closing off those people and yes you can you can be upset but using that for fuel in a powerful way knowing that you were his greatest lead like in that moment when you're feeling that may be so much anger towards that person maybe a moment or whatever it is like to know that you also get to be that person like biggest eye-opening beautiful lesson in there could be like. That's what i'm going to picture. I'm gonna picture those moments where i get to go have wine with those people later. Bed make a great great conversation later. So well i could literally talk to you all day long. Is there anything on your heart. That's coming up that you wanna share now. I just think we've had such a emotional conversation. I'm so priest about. I think this is what it's all about is authentically sharing these stories. Sharing the lessons learned with one another and basically saying to each to each other like whatever. The story is that you're telling yourself. Are you sure. That's not a story that is laden with misconception laden with some kind of societal narrative because you actually no i think in your heart that you've got everything that it takes to see this all the way through. We'll everything go the way that you plan absolutely not but but you can see it to like its final conclusion winner lose any absolute pride in doing that So good cindy. where can we find you. Follow you get the little pink pill all the things. Just talk to. I talk to your doctor. Really if you have an interest with your Having any issues in frustrated by your low libido off your doctor phil's addy you can find out more information including that safety information on adding dot com. I hope you'll follow me at cindy pink. Ceo and you know if you have a great idea disruptive. I for women. You know pitches at the pinky baiter seeking the the pink dot com. I love it so much. You guys One of the greatest gifts that we can do for our guests is to give her a shoutout. Go follow her. Then let her know. When you upload the story of the podcast let her know what your biggest takeaway was from the podcast. So the impact that she made. Maybe it was something she said maybe like me you cried four separate occasions and it felt so good to feel like anything is possible after this so you guys definitely right now. Stop what you're doing. Go give her a follow. Because truly your will impact your life so cindy thank you so much for being here and you guys. We will see you next time. Bye bye laurie..

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