Donald Trump, Democratic Party, Obama Administration discussed on Background Briefing


The last election that many workingclass americans voted for trump so it's pretty extraordinary to think that the party of the working class to some extent is lost the working class yet i think your email and hint within the democratic party now in it it worked noting that advocate gonna crowds have had opportunities in the past to bolster the labor movement perhaps the most notably in the 1970s and then again at the start of the obama administration they were efforts to pass legislation that would have made it easier for unions to organize and recruit members uh and the democrats pundit uh both times in weren't able to pass uh labor by organizing reform and as as we show on my coauthors and i indicate that this is committed electoral consequence for the uh an electoral price for the for the democrats so let's talk about you a new studies and i sent an end is at the national bureau of economic research from the bargaining table to the ballot box political effect of the right to work laws such little here in the state of california there is an important case before the supreme court it was held up in that for the four split but now that go such as um the on the court it's gonna be revisited i believe it was a a rightwing at california public school teacher from from orange county of san diego i'm not sure who is supported by one of these cuck by this fronts and she brought this case which essentially will cripple public employees unions ability to donate to the democratic party hint state of california so that is yet another one it's not a right to work change in the law but it certainly a pot of that overall mix so it seems to me that the conservative movement and the big donors like the coq brothers and cooperation successor have had a fairly concerted program to change the lowest over the decades in what's happening now before the supreme court with his california case is just the latest example that's right i think that the hair characterization i think that a number of conservative activists and donors have recognized the strategic importance of the labor movement four democrats in for progressive policies in particular and also have come up with a menu of ways um to train weaken the labor movement and therefore make it harder for democrats to.

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