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The good news is that there is an intriguing evidence from some low income schools in in texas that are actually adding recesses in as an effort to boost test scores of now when it comes to school startimes the american academy of pediatrics behind you there right yeah i mean we should be behind the american academy of pediatrics on this one i mean so so what we have in in quantitaive says that when people hit about the age of fourteen they have a massive mood toward becoming much more late much more evening types people are extremely alley its physiological between the ages of fourteen and about the age of twenty four they shift literally to sometimes three hours later on and so the american academy of pediatrics and again that's a very strong they issued a policy statement at that's a little sterile policy statement from a and associations to think of it instead of this thing about all the pediatricians of america linking arms in marching through the streets and they're saying to school districts across america do not start school for teenagers before eight thirty in the morning it is contra indicated by everything we know we know that early school startimes for teenagers increases the dropout rate reduces test scores contributes to depression obesity a whole parade of wars and so they pediatricians have been pleading with school districts do not do this starts school after eight thirty the average will start time in america today for teenagers is eight o'clock eight of three am telephone has been a little bit better in fact considerably veteran some ways but he's across the united states and you're right but some which was interesting is it is ads district that of changed this have have seen really good results lower dropout rates less depression even fewer car accidents the other interesting thing about this is that the people who've studied this it's a very costeffective solution to i mean it took to to start school 45 minutes later started nine fifteen versus starting it at 815 is is the.

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