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Are you starting baby? Well, you guys as I mentioned you both Detroiters and the lions. It's been rough. It's been rough. But I didn't know how rough it was until this happened on Jefferson fiction by twenty thirty six hundred please as of two thousand eighteen this NFC north team had never even made the Super Bowl much less one it, but by twenty thirty got to happen, right? Gay who are the Detroit Lions? Yes. Think about it. It would like who makes burgers topped chain. Mcdonald's. Here's these copywriters got a little cute to they gotta happen. Right. That's respectful fight their everything up until by twenty thirty. Disrespect. But I try to tell them the rest of the world doesn't realize since we live this one playoff win and sixty plus years. We celebrate our Super Bowl on thanksgiving absol-. You guys are invited. You see the show. Everything's giving. We put it on thanksgiving game by twenty thirty. When the next year, you know, let's talk about what they have done. Oh, okay. Did they not beat the patriot breach? Dress mike. They did. Yeah. We beat the Packers. Began his hand Tom Brady day. Doing this. This is really happening right now on television. You guys are talking about lions victories..

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