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For all these forty years. I've been working in tv of people knew the as my roads. You know what i made in on like willing bryson. Kinda starkey is in them so that means it always other people that i've talked to disaster juno on tv. I discovered you here on the internet and discovered me me you know and i love that. They come back. Just hear me in It's what a wonderful thing. It is instagram achieving. Everybody and she'll cheers. It's like your kids had never looked up. Ever gonna know what they look like but anyway what a wonderful way to reach out to one another in others. Here's the bad side of good side. The you know. Keep in touch visit nan. In i just love the fact that so many people. I couldn't believe it when i had twenty thousand. Wanna hear what i've said. Then here they kind. Millions are these. Have you ever thought of having your own talk show. I have that you know what. I'm bed or i like i like acting ride. That goes away once you get that talk show. They never get a really really enjoy acting like on this little sip. Calmer i just wait i. It's the best job i ever had. I'll be k- in my bialik is our executive with. Is she smackers on it. Rail doubles assigned. The she knows what actors nayed were and here. We are over an empty or brothers by the way right now. His indy drive so sad. Dr onto an empty not sound stage empty. Why there's nobody there. And then you perk your little given spot in you walk into an empty sense edge. The makeup people have shields and they have to wear jumpers and they make you up and then they put you back your shield in your put back in your room dressing room forever and then the cameras get ready. And there's nobody there and we make comedy with no laughter because see. There's nobody are kind of show should have been multi cam should be shooting in front of an audience and it'll be years as a really do think it will be used for an audience in so there's no audience in the you know the the until the camera last all you ever. Here's the riber one writer on the road. It's always that one guy. It's it must be his episode. That's his episodes joking like is it hard phasing. One time. you're may add the last. I said they said you're you're taking a major you don't need to. Here's the lion. This said no. I feel this is the lie about laugh is where we put it. It put it god. Hey how y'all doing is the book that's out now right. Is that your is that. Look that leslie jordan. How y'all doing when you first get you'll notice it's it's an easy leave right easy read. It's a very and what did you get into. What do you talk about. I start out about the instagram. In how i wasn't used to that in now that enhanced comedy what i learned to go on instagram and get a story that i thought take forever. Stage down to manage and the allies Beginning middle end in danced. It now anyway. How mind comedy gonna work so whale under In in I just had a lebanon. I was very lucky see. They came to l. e. l. e. j. e. c. k. Miss hale miss l. one of the big editors at what who is not william. Moore's bubblicious are miriam webster. No i don't know now. The other raw ryan collins publishers. At harbor car recall hearing one. Aim to me. Set up a phone interview. They did we see a book. You see coming from Delightful instagram does. We see a name when wrote a color. Hey y'all do. They can't do the book and name in a big ceremony. I said my gosh much in row said start writing and we like this story. This was already beautifully organized. I called him in about a month. And i said well i something or you nagel but he got a chapter. I read us a book. How many pages. This book member is knowledge. Hundred ninety five. A judge could read that quickly. Look at that. And i bet it's bangala laughs of that night it out accused mike away. They lighted they laid it out. Even though i would have a story they would take the story and make it into several little stories dot little anyway. They got little pictures of of like this. You know the art the story in our like pictures. That's how i read the pictures. I need pictures. They'll be a little blast lesley's glasses in there. They'd break it up in another story until you the story. So it isn't easy didn't your mom. What's the first lines that your mom got upset with. And so that's vulgar. Was that that book yes well. She was ursula. You weren't rice at was. Why would you ceiling momma she added. It's not that bad award. She said well. You are.

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