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And that it that ball is terrible that ball is literally like that is a bath sponge always you know someone says the basketball I wish you guys can see when I threw this fall to make Peter break yeah like six things inside and this is one if you threw it into a TV lights yeah news of somewhere else all right speaking of those loaded phone lines alright so all this says here is all one four is neck bone in Alabama and he wants to talk about moments neck bow was up we hear more about fifteen miles from my house go before them and they have the paying problem house every year will people throw fish entrails other nations judge actual mullet hair cut do not think you guys would be the perfect celebrity place yeah for the most sauce yeah he used to do that where and where is this what is this take place neck bone call for a ban on the Florida Alabama line okay huge bar down here in orange beach Alabama orange beach Alabama yeah okay they have they actually have the women at the city's soccer in orange beach Alabama all that's it's a beautiful place yeah yeah are you a board okay a huge bar in only beach in Alabama and it's a mullet toss and contests so yes I think we need to look into this and I'm like that young they did look into that well it if we so if we go to this bar we say neck bone said would you come down here and judges thing that would get us there right room I know some people that play music of the ball but the owner of the bar maid not exactly on a first name basis just because you called in your names will neck bone neck bone that's a good that's a good that's a that's a fan in the evening that bone or do we not want to know this well if you like ET and fourth grade.

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