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Well i think there's a very strong possibility of that. So we'll see we'll see which he had already started during which he had seen in previous episodes. Yeah you know like their little. Let's hang out on the roof and talk a little bit. Yeah to talk to us. Yeah exactly tell me. What's frustrating you so i can get you into into my confidence here. Come on board. T come on board team walt for awhile. We've got coffee and donuts. You know that to say yes won't coffee i. I don't like coffee. I drink tea. But i'll definitely take some dotes. Yeah yeah let's move on number three. Let's talk about walter which we need to talk about ryke who his daughter as we're introduced here in this episode and let's talk about black star at least the black star clone so What you make of the introduction of reich coup and and Learning a little bit more about their relationship. Because we haven't really gotten to see that until now. This is kind of a new side of walter. Isn't it it very much. and it did. Remind me a little bit of the introduction of ronin from endgame when it came to hawkeye delayed road. Ninja fighting obviously gangsters asian gangsters which is exactly what right does as well talk about the scenes in tokyo where we see rajkot fighting the. Yeah those gangsters. I wonder why they cruise. I'm assuming they're probably yakuza being in japan. Curious to match up the visuals of that and if it was kind of a shot for shot recreation of that rosa the endgame vile totally totally. Yeah yeah. I think there was a. I think it was an intentional. Oh my gosh to that. So i assume loving the the ronin character hawkeye and very much looking forward to the tv show so so much. Yeah it was. I love this. I love this ronin introduction because some big martial arts gimme radical but me. I'm getting my odds confused here right. That's fair that's fair. But but no being a big mosh lots fan. I love these kind of viking. No surprise i love the sued fight and kill bill and this is remind me a little bit that ata to one hundred people. In that case uma thurman was fighting against but i you bring up sorry route but it kind of get crazy eight vibe from the guys that she was fighting. I wonder if that was also an an intentional. Oh my gosh we asked because we did get a blood being splattered limbs kind of fly across the screen right imperfect tarantino fashion. So i i very much enjoyed her introduction. She's i suppose very sassy varies. She is khloe on steroids. Okay in the sense. I think she's even more jaded and hardened and because i wouldn't consider her..

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