Immigration Law, Health Insurance, San Antonio discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1697 - Documenting The Triumph of Idiocy w/ Cliff Schecter & Vic Berger


And they've been decimated you've heard uh ronald reagan colin about immigration law public defenders i mean these are one of literally hundreds of of of things that are fundamentally altered and but the the federal judiciary on the circuit court court level alone the supreme court these are things that you're going to last for generations and when you say these things are irrelevant then e e e actually hurts our shared ideological project more so then somebody coming out there and saying i don't think there should be um single payer health insurance because that argument weaken half i can argue i can presents the the value of single payer versus the value of aeg crappy market based system but if our sensibly were selling the same thing except for yours is laced with uh with arsenic then it's a real problem for what i'm selling that's why it's more important for me to deal with people who are theoretically ideological sympa uh sinn potter co but are giving a fundamental misunderstanding of of of how our government works you know amid it's it's why uh john from san antonio is call the thai says you know we're not talking enough about the taxes that are getting need to be raised for single payer because if we don't it will it's going to beat we're going to end up with a situation like they hadn't vermont where they had the opportunity to get single payer there and they just could date they had not built the political infrastructure that you need to to push it through they hadn't sold the dynamic of taxes are gonna go up but at the same time you're gonna pay less that much less in health insurance and because they they didn't.

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