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Pandemic is becoming a way of life and questions of how to ethically navigate this global emergency are concerned for more we're joined live on the KCBS ring central news line by Dr Steven Mintz ethics professor and author of beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior documents thanks for joining us this morning you know something like this at a worldwide pandemic people become frightened and their first inclination is probably just to think of themselves I'm gonna take more toilet paper little things even like that how do we avoid those impulses well we have a personal responsibility not to put others at risk for example it was reported a passenger on a jet blue airplane yesterday when on the flight knowing that he was waiting for the results of a corona virus test and then everybody had to be put aside and spoken to interested in what they should do so personal sponsor ability is very important as it is not the company's not price gouging your harsh stories like six hundred and twenty three dollars to sixty facial masks things like that so if we don't accept responsibility for our actions and don't care about what we're doing that's an ethical you know sometimes it's really obvious it's you and me and there's one role tore the paper left on the shelf right that's that's the classic situation but what we're facing now is a situation where we're all being asked to do social distancing right what exactly does that mean to you or to me or to the next person and how do we calculate what the right thing to do is yeah yeah that's a good question everybody's dealing with it it depends on the size of the crowd if you go by the prevailing wisdom if you're going out to lunch with a friend and you trust that foreign chances are you okay going to an arena to watching a sporting event obviously not so much so that's why there's an abundance of caution now everything is being canceled well not everything but a lot of things that might not otherwise create any problems so social distancing assisted conservative way to lead your life in these very troubling times and it's it's recommended look you don't want to put anyone else at risk and nobody else would want to put you at risk so that's why these practices are very good we also have to count on the ethical behavior of the people who are giving us information in particular the government yeah I guess so you're so right about that the truthfulness of the information provided is really lacking we see differences from the president the scientists who we supposed to believe there's also the basic issue of competence how long it's taking to get those testing kits out there so there is a lack of credibility through all aspects of the system which raises very serious questions about our health care system let me ask you this is an emphasis you know the classic studies of of how people behave under super duress war times a great example what do we learn about what humans are likely to do when it really does become life or death well unfortunately I think there is a process of self interest mentality and look to protect ourselves and our own interests and maybe not think enough about the community aspect of our behavior what we do affects others and we need to consider that before we take action such as the jet blue passenger numbers some cases where people world that they have a broader view of societal view but in the United States is we tend to be an individualistic country unlike let's say China where folks are okay to be quarantined sixty million folks or in Italy where they totally restrict movement given our individualistic society it's hard to do that here documents thanks for your time this morning Dr Steve Mintz an ethics professor and author of beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior at six twenty five oh D. CBS moneywatch reported in offsite working from home dog in lap good morning Jason Brooks when you call it stand good morning to you the morning is Susan good morning everybody else who's now working from home but this is our new normal as we deal with the spread of the corona virus in trying to contain it and we aren't ready for a rally I will hopefully it will hold because we have suffered big time in the stock market over the past three weeks biggest losses yet on Thursday the Dow dropping well over two thousand points biggest drop worse day for the Dow since black Monday in nineteen eighty seven that is saying a lot right now futures are heading higher thanks to a rally in Europe off of massive stimulus measures coming from various governments the European central bank and that's helping out the U. S. stock market as well treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin telling CNBC just moments ago that the White House and Congress are close to a stimulus deal and that the White House to do whatever it takes to help the economy this cannot be emphasized enough not only America but the stock market once coordinated unified action out of Washington to contain the virus had to help out the economy just ahead of the opening bell Dow futures up over eleven hundred points on the money watch Jason Brooks KCBS the internet has changed so should the.

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