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So terrified of dirt was because dirt could end your life people used to lose their limbs because of the kind of injury that your friend hands you know women used a die in childbirth routinely because of infections strep throat used to cause heart failure pneumonia killed three children out of every ten the very first human to get penicillin experimentally was a british policeman named albert alexander was he was from bush asli sick he had an incredible constellation of staph and strep infections he was covered in lesions doctors had to take out one of his is in the reason he was sick was like a lot of brits of his agent class he was a was tremendously enthusiastic gardener you'd gone out into the back the garden in the back of his row house to trim his roses and he scratched his face with a thorn in that thorne ended his life as there so little penicillin in the world that they gave him the first dozes ever received by person and for five days he got better and then the drug ran out and he taught did you say that new monia killed thirty percent of the children who got it yes wow that's amazing since i've had pneumonia and i know several people who've had pneumonia and it's unpleasant but there's no suggestion that it's gonna kill you fennell so there's some kind of a in terms of the overuse of antibiotics and you talking about the new delhi strain and the use of antibiotics in in poultry farms in china and places like that this is sort of a prisoner's dilemma kind of situation here right now it's not that it's a tragedy of the commons i guess that that everybody has everybody has an incentive to use it for their own personal gain and the the cost of overusing antibiotics is dispersed around everyone we face the same problem with climate change in every individual person's interest to have cheap energy that comes from.

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