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I'm a huge metal fan myself. So growing up you big horn movie fan, and what you're tasting music. A lot of midst. Here's music. It's not like, I don't just like one John. But I am Slipknot saying God. Like, I mentioned before the midst. It's gonna punk. They're like a punk colour band too. You know, so they stick out in my mind, but I also like reggae and things like that. And a lot of the very wide care comes from my favorite band, which is they did some she one of mine is. Yeah, I was I was kinda turned onto them and real young age. So this pink the power back mine's? I, you know, kind of just the game nine, you know, anti everything is they like to dislike was much Ghezzi. She for me the rage against the machine brought up that range against the machine. No pun intended. But I mean, I almost took me to as an athlete is a former football player myself. I had to kill. Instinct, highly competitive, do whatever it takes to get to the top rage. Their music. Brought that aggression out in me, and we did so many stone cold videos to this and pieces of their music. In fact, I took bulls on parade. Jim Johnson to create my entrance music come out with what he did. And how did that? I have no idea, but it was based on that. So, but when I watched the brain white cool man, I never knew that all kooks straight up. And when I watched the brain Wyche character, then it brings out something different than you because you as brain white multifaceted different levels. But I don't see that rage and anger..

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