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The us senate special committee to investigate whitewater and related matters primarily investigating the suicide of white house counsel vince foster jim colmey worked closely with david kendall president clinton's lawyer and met many of the clinton scandal players including linda tripp whom me watch being deposed in 1995 about the belated discovery of foster's suicide note and who removed which files from foster's office shortly after his death however the tragic loss of jim comey's ninedayold son colin from a strap infection prompted colmey to resign his post at the senate i wonder how long he was primarily investigating vince foster's death and the odd goings on in his office after his death before his child died and he resigned the post because everybody knows that all kinds of people were getting into vince foster's office the evening of his death and removing all kinds of files but nobody's or prosecuted so jim colmey in the in the clintons go back way back he worked closely with the david kendall the president's lawyer when bill clinton was president so why was he in charge of the hillary clinton email investigation that we now know he decided that she wasn't guilty months before any body was interviewed even though he lied about it under oath in congress and said he didn't make the decision to left she was interviewed you know i think there's a saying for guys like jim colmey he is night wait to sentence he'll because cern you do not do to walk out five of imprisoned after punya that's what a judge told dr larry nassar who abuse all those little girls for all those years plo on this morning but i think it applies other people too i just something tell me i it applies to other people too but the question is will these other people ever hear those words 501 four three three zero zero nine two michael goodwin new york post article entitled evidence suggests a massive scandal is brewing at the fbi during the financial crisis the federal government bailedout banks it declare too big to fail fearing their bankruptcy might trigger economic armageddon the feds prompt them up with tax payer cash something similar is happening now at the fbi with a washington wagons circling the agency to protect it from charges of corruption this time the appropriate tagline is too big to believe.

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