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Anything with email address. I got enough shit to do here on the property. Remember i gotta do float. Horse's teeth take dogs veterinary doctors. Things gotta get. Hey i got too much stuff. What am i going to do. I'm a one man show here. I don't wanna see here in fiddle through your email address. And i don't have time so just fill that out. It's kind of a thank you. Hey thanks for listening to us. We appreciate it just trying to get the word out for everyone else out there. That's not aware of us now. Something that you might not be aware of that all the bands that you here on this show on the deacon live podcast. Most of them are independent artists. They are not signed to any record. Label say sign like major record label. Dealer your top five epics and rhino. I guess i'm dating myself on the bmi. All those big record deals but they are on some kind of a record deal the very independent artists. I guess that's the best way. I can explain it so i want you to go there and show them some love. Share them with all your friends and stuff and you can see all their logos and icons over there on the prophet radio landing page now for our bands out there musicians to think they have that number one song. The american songwriter lyric contests. You can enter that right now. Twenty twenty once lyric contest judges panel all right so here you go nineteen four. The american songwriter lyric contests has been helping. Expiring songwriters get exposure. Enter your groundbreaking lyrics today and get in front of top songwriters. This is the lead singer of everglades. He's written more than the songs are. he's done a lot more. You can win a guitar. And then there's a whole lot more that you can do for more information. I'll post this up on the deacon live section of the website. Here's a little inspirational. Hit louis. Racial words from alex himself the lead singer and one of the judges here at the american songwriter their competition. I am art alexakis from to be clear. I don't usually trust like this view right now. I'm not doing this. Where rock my band. I'm so proud to be the judge's panel and twenty twenty one american songwriter lyric contests and printing. Lyric is going to change the world. You need to get it from people. Like me singer. Songwriters producers and recording artist by entering. Today you can win some really great prizes. So best of luck. Keep doing what you're doing. So there you go. He's he's one of the judges and he seems a little off. He seems like he's slow. I don't know but he's a little off there. He's getting all man. He was an old guy when he started the band. Ever clear and now he's he's even older little bit might be setting inform. You know what. I mean now. Speaking of getting all my wife is going down to florida and one of the things that she wants me to do she when she comes back. So you've got a whole bunch of horse shows that she's got to do. She's got a couple of events to do clinic some classes all that stuff and she wants me to buy a new truck. Well i've got a nice truck. I've got nice chevy silverado out there. But it's a fifteen hundred at the time we weren't polling four or five courses wing. You know twenty five thirty five hundred pounds each on a whole bunch of horse race. But they're big so she wants me to get a brand new truck all right. That's fine no problem. And i've got a friend of mine's buying the my old truck from me. There's nothing wrong with my truck. It's practically brand new other than a little wear and tear filled a little bit here. You don't pick up that stuff there. It's a brand new truck to two thousand eleven chevy silverado. So we went out shopping like kicking the tires type thing and we we were going to get another chevrolet or chevy chevrolet truck chevy truck so we went out to our local place that normally services mile trucks so we show up and we take the little baby just dresses basic as you. Can you know we don't wanna look like ballers just as just as basic as you can and we'll drive the little red farm truck and for those. You don't know. I've got a little red nineteen ninety-two red nissan five on the floor d. twenty-one trunk man that thing is solid two hundred six thousand miles on it but it sounds like just like the day you drove it off. The lot bought it from a guy used. His uncle passed away had no use for. I said i'll take it so we've been driving around ever since so this little truck. It's not fancy it's not flashy truck one thousand nine hundred so it's got a little little quirks with character with it so we pull up into the parking lot and the parking lot. A chevy dealership is wide open. Like nothing when i say wide open all the spots are wide open. There's no vehicles in the parking lot. So the one guy i'm like you can see him out of the corner. I like vulture so this one guy starts walking over. I'm like you. Let's get in the truck and drive to that side of the dealership so we get drunk driving down to the other side of the dealership. Because i'm not walking parking lot. It's hot out gets the time we're looking at the other trucks and i'm like well i don't see any trucks who finally catches up to us. He's like good morning. I'm like where the hell all your trucks. And he's like i don't know man he's like we're waiting on them. I'm like what do you mean waiting the whole microchip thing. Yeah he's like we've been waiting on. He's like we got a couple of over there and a couple over there. What are you looking for a man. I'm looking for. And i told him what i was looking for. Said basically that truck over there with that interior in that technical package and that towing package. But i want the bigger engine. I don't want the little engine that comes with. Want a bigger engine. Well let's go over there and look at it so we get in the car or truck turnaround drove back to the other one. And we're looking at it and my my wife goes. Can i get inside. He's like cher. Let me go get the keys. I'm like bay so he leaves to get the keys. I'm like babe. Don't say anything. Don't go oh god. This is so cool you know. Just blow blow everything blow your wad in the first senate that way. He knows we're hooked. You wanna maintain your composure. Maintain your composure. So he comes back and he does the whole cool thing. My truck does the same thing. It's the two thousand eleven where he starts the truck from across the parking lot. Come on guy that all got he got as far as like shows impressment so he comes up we sit. It is absolutely stunning. Absolutely beautiful inside. It's got full front seat in the full backseat. You know what i mean. Sometimes they'll have like a half backseat. It's a full front and back lou shorter bed though. But that's fine and it's got everything it's got the cameras and the lights and the dings and the motion detector and all that all right he goes. Well let's go inside and run some numbers i said. Let's not and you find me on this same exact truck and with the bigger engine. Well hold on. Let me go get my sure ago. Gauguin whoever you want you can get mr chevrolet himself so he comes back on the no guy younger guy you know t. They're all white and these probably maybe early thirties. Maybe just turned thirty now. I'm not. I'm not a young guy but i'm not an old guy and this'll probably be my fifth six actual brand new vehicle i've ever purchased so you understand how the deal works the game. The dance is what they call. So he's telling me this telling me that and he's so. How do we get you in into this truck go. You're not getting me in this truck there bucko this truck. I don't care what the outside color looks like. I want the inside baggage inside this. I want all that stuff colored. Don't care but. I want this exact truck with the larger engine i've got. I've got one on my computer right now. Great one guy's name was matt the original guy. Matt your email address. I do all right. Email me what he has on his computer. And i'll look over when you're looking at buying one cycle by now could buy it in thirty days doesn't matter me well. If you don't buy it now it might be gone tomorrow. that's fine. i said we're going to go have lunch. If you email it to me now i can look at it and then we can go from there so and then we were. He's telling me the history about how he got to be that job. Just buttering me up and fluffing me up with a bunch of stories. And how he's the common man and he's the the guy connecting with everyone. I don't care. I don't care i honestly don't care i do like that. They had great service. When i say service like their vehicle service anyone can buy. Anyone can buy a damn car. I want that one all right. Fill out the paperwork. Do gone now service wise. I want a good company or service department. If you've gotta shitty service department. I'm going somewhere else so i told the guy. Look we're going to go have lunch. Workup whatever you got. And i looked at go and when you send the off her over make sure it's your best because i don't have to go back and forth with this okay. Make it your best offer bobo ball. And he's like well you know. I saw okay fine i got it. Cars are scarce. Find the truck. Send it to me and we're done. And what was this this past saturday and now we're working into well. We're working into thursday now. I haven't heard anything back from so he wanted to sit down and run my credit and run all and take the punches credit scores. Fine couldn't be better. So i'm still waiting on that but yeah we're going to buy a new truck. Probably a twenty twenty one if they can find if they can put the chips in them. I heard they were taking the chips and actually taking the chips and putting them into tvs because companies actually make the chips that run the trucks. They said well. Let's focus on everyone's staying at home. No one's going to be driving around now that we've got this cash shortage and a whole bunch of other stuff. That's happened the last sixteen months. We're going to put all the microchips and all our efforts into chips for. Tv's because everyone's going to be at home. Everyone's going to be watching tv. Hoops hit the microphone. Boom you're and no one's going to be driving around. No one's going anywhere because one. No one has a job and to everyone's got kobe or trying not to get coburn so we're going to concentrate all our efforts on a half factory making microchips in putting them in. Tv's what happened. There's no trucks ford anyone all the big trucks all the big trucks. You need all the the microchips stuff to make run stuff. Nope not happening so now. I'm sitting here waiting. And i'm waiting and i'm waiting and the problem is the guy who wants to buy my truck. I said look man. I can't sell this house before. And move into this house until i can find a house to move into type deal so he understands. He's waiting so that's where we're at but yeah if you see a the auto lots. There's there's no vehicles in them because that's part of what's happening with this whole pandemic that everyone kind of knee jerk reaction. Let's all stay at home with shut everything down when we shut everything. Down there's a trickle trickle down theory because it's a it's a taboo word in itself but that's what's happening right now and i hope that everyone's getting along and trying to behave as best they can with this. Now speaking trickle down and behaving and stuff you ever order something from amazon and gotten it. I mean for the most part perfect but when amazon messes up they mess up sometimes in your favor. And i'll dive on that story here when we come back. You're listening to live right here. Improperly over joseph to about dictate your matthew take. You're listening to royal with his latest song. Yosick find him on instagram at royal x. Music one you're listening to profit radio. Twenty four seven.

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