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At 708 Precision tune up for only $59 with Michael and son Michael and son Traffic and weather on the Yates now and it's Rita Kessler in the traffic center. Well since the incident on the Beltway in Maryland cleared on the interlude delays are starting to ease back a bit, but it is still very painful on the outer loop top side of the Beltway. The slowdown begins before New Hampshire Avenue headed around past Georgia. But before Connecticut that's where we had a wreck along the left side, But it is no longer slow headed toward 3 55 because the problem on the interlude before 3 55 is cleared interlude delays from old Georgetown Road Off and on making your way past 3 55 also in Maryland. Dont 70 the delay now after 85 Inch stretches headed past 19, But after that it is smooth sailing to the lane. Divide. Colbun Baltimore Washington Parkway Watch for the off and on volume from 100 passing. 1 75 also delays from westbound 100 getting onto southbound 95. So keep an eye out for anything that may have happened there inside the Beltway on the Baltimore Washington Parkway South. I'm seeing a slowdown toward the good luck road overpass with nothing reported in the road. Way in the district Westbound Military Road east of Nebraska Avenue near 31st Street. A report of Ereck north Beyond South Capitol Street near Martin Luther King Jr Avenue was a report of a crash and eastbound Missouri Avenue and second Street that crashes cleared. The lanes are open CNBC to 95 heavy from Eastern Avenue towards Capitol Street in male New York Avenue. The delays are approaching the light at Bladensburg Road. Also back in Maryland, on eastbound 15. Year three and 31, the right center lane had been blocked with the broken down vehicle. In Virginia. Not a bad trip today know about. 95 is seeing the volume passing 6 10 from Dale City into Woodbridge and through Lord in in Newington. Right now, it's Ashley Homestore's Black Friday in July, the greatest sale event for summer with all the Black Friday savings account on, say, 55% store Wide and Ashley Home store. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic Now. The forecast from Mike Stanford Good deal of Sunshine today good deal of heat and humidity to only a slight chance for late day thunderstorms. Most of us stay dry. Our highest loaded mid nineties and our heat index near 100 overnight. McGee. Some patchy fog after midnight laws be the seventies across the entire region tomorrow night like today, chance for late day thunderstorms.

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