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Morning for areas north and west of one twenty eight that's winter weather because the flood as well in effect from two PM to five PM Monday really call them out Washington it Jon snow yet they're sixty two below the windshield is really only see it that's not now I was in an article I read six one seven two five four ten thirty this is that now grab bag grab bag you ask me X. excuse me there are seventy five questions give me a number between one seventy five and I'll give you the question that goes with it they're not questions you can get right or wrong they're fun questions like have you ever been outside in a hurricane or if you could set up a race car with your friends where would you all drive that same car and what car would you choose so you're going on a road trip and friends where would you go what kind of car would you go and that's just one of the questions thanks to the folks who called in to talk to Joyce Levine thanks to Joe is the main it's difficult to do what she does in such a short period of time and for those of you a serious issues you might want to think about a session you can contact our joys al at choice living dot com Melinda she said she went seems like she liked her Melinda situation we've heard about it before she seems to be an a loveless marriage and yet she stays elastic that's the case so many people because it depends what you mean by love I feel like some people feel that the hot romance or the the physicals spark is gonna remain I don't it's gonna involve into comfort and I don't think that you should be for surprised or bothered by that but they need to be some comfort you have to have you know if the feel the love in more and more of a comfortable way than a physical way a homeowner away the Houston but they got to be something going on and if you really just the living in the house to somebody you just plain don't like and they don't like you you got two choices stay or go you stay you know what you got and it ain't that great he go it's a great I'm not depending on who you are and what you sign is I would tend to be happier with the unknown then the no no it's not much fun at all I'm I'm I would be way more I would be gone so fast vows Melinda it's unknown so what get divorced so what get half get what you can get out that would be me but I don't know you Melinda one reason people get bound up is that money gets stuck together in marriage you have joint accounts that is bad news even if I were to get married would never have joined the cast even if I were to never see divorce and always stay together I would never have joined accounts my money would be my money I would get to buy what I want my wife's money would be my wife's money she would get to buy was she once if if the money is joint and I think the wife would be wasting money that would be a problem or if I were wasting money that should be a problem for her keep the money separate always always always that's my advice let's talk to Doug in the air hello Doug hi Brad it's going dun I usually get a call on a Friday night isn't it yes it is I had to write a work is usually on a no call night for me but I end up having to some of my brother so I'm I'm not a problem here you are play grab bag yeah that's right it does look pretty good life is good right so thank thank you for the care package of a ketogenic foods yeah I do like the home made stuff good it's all good awesome that's good I'm happy I'm glad I don't use a good cast too I don't want to waste too much time talking about that but I did learn something from her I started putting out for it might pull a copy because what she said about the tumor could I put your commanded you had to do a black top yes so I started with black pepper an access road that's a good yeah I know it activates to to record something so we had a guest that talked about ketogenic diet which is basically what basically means no sugar is not no carbohydrates and therefore since your body doesn't have any of that stuff to burn it burns it burns fat have you fell out of the fat one of the problems with that diet is the salts seems to be pretty salty and and the other thing is I I don't want to live in a world without fruit and I suppose to have fruit I think this for it's important so basically for me my version of the ketogenic that would simply be just donate read the stats and pasta and stuff like that yeah well you can't eat fruit right at you you're not supposed to his rule it till you get it you can't tell us is what you're gonna get it does is you can bring stuff back in like we we have a rule like once a week it's a bowl of fruit and it's a real treat if you don't have all the times retreat we get yeah all right do you yeah you let him what about the salt factor salt we buy everything got solved it put our old salt on the streets that you got me all the stuff that was pretty salty are some of it is I looked at all the salt yeah you you can have a certain amount of salt in your diet yes you can order was processed salt you know she saw it's good but yeah I mean I think the biggest thing I want you know is in that in that care packages that that bag I got it I put it in there was like a pro ball about get rid of the plastic bags the market basket reusable yeah yeah it was really cool you know I said I you'll love this one yeah it was very cool it was all very cool yeah what well okay so I I call this a graph AG but I I I want to give you a J. talking weather report because I know you like don't yes I do the house at nine o'clock I will be here at nine o'clock to go to work I work the truck.

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