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Seven sixty wjr news news time five twenty morning i'm dick haefner well some protests are underway in canada especially around where the g seven summit is going to be held there maybe some protesting within the event itself as some of the leaders gathering for that meeting are kind of upset with the trump administration new tariffs here's correspondent john laurence protests on the streets of canada over the g seven summit we had we had to change things on this earth to make it better president trump is scheduled to spend a day and a half at the summit a prelude for his historic meeting with north korean leader kim jong un we'll have some pretty good discussions as you know we leave from there we leave for singapore i'm john lawrence reporting a longtime us senate staffer has been arrested for leaking classified information here's correspondent sierra crawford prosecutors accused james wolfe the former security director for the senate intelligence committee of line to fbi agents in december twenty seventeen about his repeated context with three reporters including their his use of encrypted messaging applications according to the indictment the fifty eight year old was in regular contact with several journalists incuding meeting them at restaurants bars and even in a senate office building democratic congressman eric swallow will obviously you have to shoot straight when you talk to federal investigators the charges the justice department revealed that attorney general jeff sessions plans to increase the number of leak investigations pursued by the department sierra crawford washington steve courtney sports just ahead news time five twenty two wjr sports five twenty three b's here good morning steve marino good friday morning to you there richard hello again my friends we paid our dues and had finally been rewarded now then tigers yes they're able to salvage of victory in the three game set with a red sox at fenway pack seven to two final leonis martine how about his performance.

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