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In fact, he he did a really great thing and after the interview was over there after the press conference is over, he said, thanks to the media for everything, and it really felt like a heartfelt goodbye from Justin. Two hours later, guys John always steps steps over. It stepped down his general manager and, of course, moved up into that role. Broncos get George Payton in here, and it seems like the tides have turned. With Justine Simmons. We know that he's going to be here in 2021. I really think that with George Payton here, the odds of him signing a long term deal with this team, whether it's before the franchise tag deadline after the franchise tag deadline have significantly increased. It really seemed like Justin Kind of knew his time was over in Denver under John Elway, or at least wasn't optimistic about it. And now with George Payton, George George Payton. Really wants to draft and developed. Keep their own players and boy if you're going to come in and let Justine Simons walk that goes against pretty much everything that we know about George Payton. So I don't expect that at all. Yeah, I don't either. And there's some interesting numbers from Jeff leg. Well, we're gonna get into on the other side. I mean, that range from 2011 to 2017. The Broncos on. Lee had six guys that they gave extensions to in that range, and only two of those Von Miller and parables were top, You know, within the range of top of the league. Average salary. So kind of fascinating The Broncos need to be better at drafting and developing and sticking with their guys Exact. Always great to talk to you. Thank you so much for the time, my man appreciate you. Fellas. Thanks Having me on really enjoyed talking with all right. Zach Stevens from D N v r the d NPR dot com z A C Stevens, D NPR on Twitter. Always good check in with those guys on Wednesday. It's It's pretty, uh, pretty damning. When you take a look at what the Broncos have done over the last several years. They just haven't been as George Payton framed it, and I want to get into this on the other side. As George Payton framed it. They haven't been what he thinks they should be, like, like when he said that out there very publicly and I got the exact quote here. He said that we're going to be drafting a developing players. That's gonna be our foundation when he said that it's like, well, the Broncos really haven't been that team is that they want to be that team. They just haven't ever looked at their guys. Relatively speaking That way. Elway had most of his success. They're free agency. Be honest with you, Um, that's just the way the team Woz. I mean, they just identified talent. The pro personnel department identified talent better on They brought in guys like that, whether it was Peyton Manning or Wes Welker or keep to leave, or DeMarcus Ware or Emmanuel Sanders or Darien Stewart or T J Ward and we go on and on and on. The guys that they brought in is they just they identified free agent talent pretty well and that They worked for them. The problem is, is that that talent eventually ages in the bill comes due and that what you've seen is the result of that over the last couple of years, 100% and so It's fascinating. How when you have an elite quarterback like Peyton Manning, you can cover up so many holes like well, what you mean they had They had some talent? No, no question, especially when they were set records in the office. They had some incredible talent. Even that 2013 season the defense was was in a bad way. They were a patchwork over there on the defensive side, but they're outscoring everybody. It didn't really matter. Remember, Von Miller got hurt in that season, and then they were basically kind of putting Paris linen out there starting in the Super Bowl. Right inside linebacker. It was. That's what happens like it took a while for the defense to come together.

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