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Recording an interview here on a new Clean fee dot net application than I downloaded or I've installed on a computer to do some remote interviews And we're going to do our first remote interview using this new technology and in here I am sitting in the Scuba Shack Radio Studios I E my basement and I'm going to interview Donna Donna. Who's in our temporary home of Scuba Shack? Which is in our dining room so welcome Donna to Scuba Shack radio. Thanks Jeff sitting about ten feet above your head. Yeah we're getting a little bit of feedback on there but we'll see how that goes so It's been over two weeks now since we closed the shop up and So what's a what's it been like being here at home and not having to go to shop every day? Well for starters I get to sleep a little later which is nice because you don't wake me up when you're going to the gym. There's no Jimmy her so I get a chance to Eat a more leisurely breakfast I I not spending time driving to the shop so I don't have to leave the houses early so I can show up to work a few minutes late because nobody's really watching waiting for the shop dope and nobody standing itself has been very quiet. There's been very little in the way of email or phone calls but there's been a few yeah so We're in the midst of this. It's going to be a little bit of a little bit of a while but but So what he'd been working on up there. I've been taking a lot of the items that we've had to put on Ebay for some of them have been in the shop for quite some time and trying to get caught up on that so there's been a lot of items to put up there. It's not quite as quick because it sounds like it might be so it has taken a while to do all of the. It's pretty neat stopped. We went through last week trying to get it up there on Ebay so the posted a bunch of new stuff last Friday And we sold an item on Saturday so I went over to the SOP and got that ready to ship and drove over to the bank and was going to ask the question of them and while I was at the bank I saw the second Item sold on Ebay. So I went back to the shop and pack that one I know where this is gone. And then I took that over to the post office and those dropped off and then while I was in the parking lot at the post office a third item salt so back to the shop again that one up and went and smelled the third Sitting here watching those Ebay things come in and realize what was going on over there so interesting stuff but besides e Bay I know there's a couple of things going on patties running some webinars. I think you sat in on one yesterday. Was it how that goes so I did sit in on the Patty Webinar. And they've had a couple of questions that they sent out to all the listeners to are you using any online classes And it was about fifty fifty some are implementing some of the online stuff and many are not And they had a question about whether or not you intend to do. Any of those types of classes as well coming up in just a few Of The classes that are that don't require dives are good classes to do virtually or online. We have the The equipment specialists class were doing virtually Montes got the classroom wall. Set up for that and then In addition to Patty I know you. You had a chance to talk with divers alert network this week. Wh WHAT ARE THEY DOING. They have opened up a lot of their Talks that they have that are normally for members only They've opened up their website to anybody. Who would like to go in and listen to them? They all run. You know about fifteen minutes so it's not a lot of time But you can go in and pick the topics that you're interested in Manage no charge for that right now. They've opened it up to everybody. So you can go to Dan divers alert network and go to I believe it's there well. I can't remember if it's how they what they call it but they're you know they're talking about this stuff. They've got a lot of stuff out there if you take the time to poke around on the Dan Website so So things are are are still going. We've got scooby shock On hiatus a little bit Kinda shifted over here to the House. I know you're monitoring email and checking voice mail now a lot of traffic as you said but we're hoping that we get through this year presume but one last question before we wrap up What's for dinner tonight? You know I don't I don't until about five minutes before kick it out. We'll have to go in more than one chocolate chip cookies today while you've been awfully nice to meet during the envy so yeah you can have. Okay okay well. That's our first episode here with this new clean feed. Let's see out goes and we might get it on a future episode of Scooby Shack Radio Bikes. Jeff.

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