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Hope over a Koven relief law and uncertainty ahead of the presidential debates and decided to sell today down. Lost. 131 went to these time for 41. Time for traffic in transit. Here's Greg Rice. Lauri, Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. As we've been telling you. Lower East River has been actually packed today. You've got the Brooklyn battle Williamsburg Carlene for the breakdown of the right lane. We finally see a police officer with a tow truck. Just a whole lot of traffic back into lower Manhattan, Brooklyn bound Manhattan Bridge at least Was better because everything's been reopened. Brooklyn bound Brooklyn Bridge is awful. Just be causing the Brooklyn bound Battery Tunnel by default is your winner out of lower Manhattan Back towards the Brooklyn side arrested the roundup. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. Inbound George could ride to the upper lower everything out in some sort of slow cross Bronx, the worst of it. Lincoln's about 10 minutes in a 30 minutes out 45 of the outbound side of the Holland And that back in a new A jersey the out that sky way better than that worked. Extension bridges to and from Staten Island. Behave queens. Bette R F K closer to Queen Slower You go because of ongoing issues on the ramp to the westbound beacuse Whitestone Throgs neck. They do the job at least so far this afternoon. In Westchester North Hodja mess to the cross County again from a Marinich. You stay with the New England Thruway. And for the most part you stay on the gas Cross Westchester. A westbound mess from 6 84 ride on out towards the Sprain. Brook Parkway. Morial Cuomo Bridge is fine, but the North down through whale GM of getting up towards the Palisades. I'm Greg Rise. Our next report at 4 51 on 10 10 wins as New York City Elementary school students resumed in person.

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