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Days after a multi million dollar discrimination verdict commissioner's order a review of the St Louis county police department I'm Megan Lynch camel X. news time is nine oh three will have a check of the forecast at nine oh six the St Louis County Board of police commissioner says it wants a probe of the police department in a statement released late tonight the board says the review will be conducted by an outside firm commissioners wanted to include promotional processes decision making processes and inclusion within the apartment in Osment comes on the heels of a multi million dollar verdict against that apartment in a discrimination lawsuit brought by a former sergeant who said he was passed over for promotions because he's gay Monday county executive Sam page announced the resignation of board chair Roland Corbin ten and promised to make other appointments bishop Lawrence Wooten is acting police board chair once a firm is hired to launch a review the board says it expects to report within ninety days the statement sent came wax news says results will be made public I think it was judged as lawyers cannot discuss court filings in the case against a former police officer accused of shooting a colleague in a game of Russian roulette St Louis circuit judge Tom Clark the second issue the order Tuesday in the case of Nathaniel Hendron who's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the January shooting death of twenty four year old Caitlin Alex the St Louis county assessor announces he's running for county executive assessor Jack Zimmerman says his job has prepared him to quote and the culture of backroom deal I've had the guts to do what needed to be done whether it was fighting with casinos when they went looking for a tax windfall they didn't deserve or fighting against fake charities pretending to be nonprofit store parking lot owners pretending they're strip malls were farms Zimmerman is running in the democratic primary for county executive in twenty twenty vehicle owners in Jefferson and Franklin counties may soon be able to skip the emissions tests that's assuming the misery air conservation commission approves the plan Thursday being forwarded by the DNR for now Saint Louis city county in Saint Charles county would still be part of the gateway vehicle and shin program a program that was targeted by many Republicans in the legislature last session but ultimately nothing was done due to concerns over losing federal funding I'm getting Monterey St Louis is news radio KMOX state auditor Nicole Galloway says a close to Saint Louis charter school was over paid one point four million dollars after falsifying attendance records Galloway's office as the audit of the Saint was college prep charter school also found officials used school credit cards to buy such things as gift cards alcohol and a term hotel stays yacht it has been referred to the.

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