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Ninety, seven Michigan voters during August, Twenty, eighth and twenty nine. So the number of fairly current and the numbers really aren't changing a whole lot of trump's job performance his his approval rating is upside down forty, four approved fifty three disapprove Biden is. Fifty basically forty, five, forty, six, or his favorable unfavorable, which is a lot better than Hillary Clinton was at this point in the Campaign Governor Whitman's job performance on the other hand, very popular fifty, five, thirty, nine, six, percent undecided, and given all of the very controversial thing she said to do with Covid nineteen that's a pretty remarkable number. It really is it's really impressive and if you look at the not sure on that, it's six percent that's pretty low number. Of people have decided, they either supported or they don't and only thirty nine percent have disapproved on her. A little a little worrying for Democrats however is the matchup for president on the vote and right now, the poll shows that Biden Forty, eight, forty four with another seven percent going to other candidates or undecided. At this point. I find that number a little bit too tight but that's they could be problematic especially for Gary. Peters is probably going to run behind Joe Biden a little bit at least in the election. Of the however, the the numbers for the Senate race show Peters on top forty, seven, thirty nine, which is where it's been all along at. That's about where it has been and he's you know he's been rolling out his ads and I i. think he's looking pretty good you. I'd mentioned though about the survey that it was taken before Donald Trump's really bad week. So I don't know that Joe Biden and Donald Trump quite that tight i. if it was taken today, we knew it would tighten up after the convention though you know we knew that Joe Biden wouldn't hold ten plus points on Donald Trump the whole season. The other numbers that I found especially interesting in very problematic is that most people when asked about who they would support for the Vision Supreme Court which is a very important election. Most people were not sure seventy six percent unsure of the candidates of the leading candidate with eight percent was the chief justice bridget Mary. McCormack. And she has the advantage on the ballot. You'll appear as Bridget Mary McCormack Justices Supreme Court she'll have the designation that is almost automatic reelection for once you get past her. All over the place. Between the other candidates who have no party identification no labels are running on a nonpartisan ballot. So. That's going to require some real effort on the part of both political parties of the Republicans are really going to be pushing. Mary Kelly because she's got a great name. Irish names always work well, when running for judge and for the Democrats Elizabeth well to the attorney out of grand rapids guests a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. She she's at two percent there she really needs to. We've gotTA move those numbers. Yeah. They're just everybody a two percent five, percent three percent. Basically it was I. don't know was the answer and people are probably going to be looking to their friends to their their influence network. At. The last second to figure out who to vote for what is interesting though because we are mostly going to be mailing at our dining room tables. Instead of a the the polls people will have time to do some research. And a lot of people will probably go online and find out who the hell are these people. I don't know what kind of impact that will have but at least people build to make a little bit more informed vote yeah. I think the county parties need to start getting their Their voting cards out now or they're voting guides whatever you WANNA call it that they they hand out and they say he's are supported candidates because at this point in Michigan, you should have all of those candidates identified primaries are over we've had our endorsements. So at this point, we should be able to sit down and say, okay, you know show Ozzy County. Democratic Party. Endorses these candidates and however it is you get those out into the hands of your voters. You have to do it much earlier. This year than you've had to in the past because people are going to start voting pretty soon to push your million them, which should be the other challenge to couple other findings in the poll will have the link to the full poll on site, of course, seventy percent support for mandatory masks for people who are in indoor facilities, businesses, government buildings in Grocery Stores Seventy percent support twenty, five percent opposed while to twenty, five percent off allowed, and then the governor's getting pretty strong approval on. Her handling of the pandemic and majority opposed the idea of taking away her emergency power. So she can continue to her job, the opposition to this petition drive, which is led by Mike Shirke. The Senate Majority Leader Fifty, three percent oppose thirty, six, percent support, and given the strange way Michigan's constitution is set up even though most of the people don't want this thing, a minority of voters in Michigan can make this happen because they've got a cooperative legislature and I think that's why we're seeing all of these people come out and say be careful what you sign because you being lied to about what these these petitions are. The Michigan numbers are just beginning of the good news for Joe, Biden. Over the last few days some high profile Michigan Republicans are riding with Biden including former governor Rick Snyder. Former. County Congressman David Trott and longtime GOP operative Bob'll brandt another former member of Congress Joe Schwarz had endorsed Biden and former Michigan Republican Party Executive Director Jeff Timor is one of the leaders of the Anti Trump Lincoln project. I'm really fascinated by the disconnect between the traditional leaders of the Republican Party not just in Michigan but nationally and the rank and file. You would think with all of these Republican leaders you know people like John Casick and Rick. Snyder. Endorsing Joe Biden, that more Republicans would be following yet, the polling shows Donald Trump maintains very, very high approval amongst Republican voters..

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