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Can be chief justice of talk radio fair enough i accept democrat senator joe donnelly that's right reelection and that was one of the states where trump carried it by double digits and and how do you think he's gonna do well it's gonna be interesting mr donnelly would've been better position to justify of the nominee if it had been aiming better it was from indiana that's true that would have been interesting factor right there of course that's true and substance not since i damn he's he's maybe not going to be getting any christmas cards bill well quite possibly i i don't know again recall a donnelly only got elected by virtue of of the republicans going for a candidate who wasn't that electable at my memory that he slipped at correct that's correct and former u s senator evan bye was defeated by a fellow with absolutely no previous political experience uniform on mine so it was very definitely a republican wash out that the democrats would that happens occasionally sometimes the republicans have shot themselves in the foot and and they need to worry a little bit about electability but that for for some of the ideologues in the party doesn't seem to matter that much civilities come to mind of course if ginsburg gun becomes a future amy may end up being a replacement for her that's what we're hearing that she is the the the number one backup at the moment that it was probably some of the the contentiousness about her around roe versus wade the that capture from getting the nod this time loosely penciled in that gets hurt another possibility are you familiar with the concept of the goon and professional hockey or sure the goon is the hockey player who's not particularly adept at skating or or scoring but they're out there for the express purpose of a beating up on the stars on the other team yes i'm with the concept president trump has a nominee waiting in the wings he may be able to get a little more support for the the more polite candidate than if they refuses he decides to nominate one who'll just absolutely smoking desolated supreme court in the in the background instead so it may it may be by having having that possibility in the wings that he can do he can do good for more polite candidate possibly i'm not sure if demeanor necessarily is going to have that much of a role to play but but we shall see the meantime i think joe donnelly is in major trouble in indiana i think that it's hardly likely that he will survive even if he were to vote for cavenaugh for confirmation seeven andrew north carolina hello steve hey jimbo i'm i'm just going by your voice at your well i am well yes sir iowa there you go that's thing that's very very nice and friendly but what's on your mind tonight steve so many interesting topic that i got to go with war on so with this what your and it's because by your statement i've been thinking about it the last time i not tonight two weeks ago that she was talking about settled below did you did you watch on tv tonight yes i did watch it long enough for the networks to show you the protests going outside i watched it on fox news.

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