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Go over right good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the cake you can use it this is Oklahoma's first news we've had storms and high winds in other words spring in the metro our forecast is coming up Oklahoma has a fiscal year twenty twenty one state budget despite governor Kevin's just beat out both the house and the Senate voted last night to override the governor's veto senator Roger Thompson urged his fellow senators to vote for the override we talk about the core values of Oklahoma that's keeping people safe in the midst of a pandemic that's keeping our education system strong and supporting the education advances that we have made over the last two years of back to back races and taking care of the classrooms our budget did all those things just seven point seven billion dollar budget cuts education funding by two and a half percent in funding to many state agency five four percent the state Senate yesterday passed a bill to make curbside and delivery alcohol sales permanent in Oklahoma if it signed into law liquor stores convenience stores grocery stores and even bars and restaurants with the proper liquor license would be allowed to continue delivery and curbside pickup authorities releasing the identity of a mother of three found shot of the weather for hotel the day after mother's day thirty year old actually bar was found shot in the chest at the best western hotel and died at a hospital her boyfriend twenty seven year old Zach sure what has been arrested a federal judge sentences in Oklahoma City couple to a collective twelve years in prison for the armed robbery of a bank in more last may prosecutors say thirty two year old Duncan heron who had a gun and thirty one year old Regina very more black clothing and masks when.

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