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It's a funny name but it serious software dental hacks nation welcome back to another another interview segment day two of voices of dentistry. Twenty twenty joining me as always my stalwart companion Dr Jason Lipscomb Shea Ellipse chopping on nets. Yeah that's what I've heard. It was like that spike. You GotTa do. I never saw that come out. You know for sure joining us. We have Dr Daniel Smith Howdy and we have Dr Danny Domain Danny. How you doing good man really good Danny? So Cassini yeah exactly. This is the first time on the pot. I'm wondering myself. How did that happen? You know when I first met you is at the practice on fire and yeah show. That's right And you asked It was funny listening to podcasts. Pretty religiously back then in the elevator floor. Five and I was kind of stunned I was like meeting voice. Sounds really familiar in my buddy. Patrick Breezy was an elevator with me. and He's like that's Alan. Oh my God it's so funny that funny maybe four or five years ago. Cleanest podcast fame. Because here's the thing I didn't know Danny domain was the danny domain. That's like Holy Shit. Look what he's doing like you were fan blowing me a little bit. I'm totally embarrassed that that happened because you were like such a clinical rockstar. I'm like embarrassed as Jay tire. Entire career in podcasting is like no no no seriously. You're going to be disappointed when you are going to be super disappointed. So stop with this. Okay but no Danny welcome show and Daniel has been on. He's been on Multiple Times Act. Infrequent you're sort of you're sort of irregular regular people you are on the Alameda experience too. I want one of my one of my favorite episodes because you talked all about your experience in the military. We really good listen. I'm going to put that in the show very good. Listen so what do you guys think about voice dentistry twenty twenty you digging it the fourth version. Yeah Yeah I mean. It's not all down but really what is nothing nothing. You're you're five or going back everyone's GonNa get rooms on the outside. There will be no inside. Rooms of leaving. Highway is like the hunger games. Yeah every five years we gotta go back this you know one was murdered collectively probably as far as we know we didn't hear from them. One thing about Tennessee was the waffle houses way closer. We're closer that's for sure. Wait Tennessee we have walked out exactly every exit but exactly I know Easter West asked what kind of feel like I could live in Tennessee. I'm serious I'd be way heavier than I am already but happy Josh Talk. Happiness Fan happy waffle house. I'm just saying Louisiana Dan's place. I've not Well also ways to go get fat now. Okay so so Danny. This is interesting so back. Kim Lake Two thousand five. I took a course with your uncle of photography. Course and I think it was always. LSU related He was because I was was a big guy in in. Your uncle was so I I've known him for a long time. And and what a great course and they did. They took us out to eat at. I don't remember where it was amazing. It was definitely like they wanted to show off some Louisiana style cooking. It was good when I when I got there. I felt like I was a An eight Hollywood movie that was depicting a southern setting. You're like you walk into this patient right man. This is straight out of central casting talk so yeah concert going in the main square though we went to that that's pretty cool. I I went to. I went Louisiana. took the course. I was doing a lot of geocaching at that time and I really wanted to get A. Go cash in the state of Louisiana. And I found one close by and as I walked in it was like kind of near near a bridge. And I'm like I think Louisiana probably has a lot of snakes. Michigan didn't have a lot of snakes. I never found geocaching Louisiana exercise to steer I was worried about takes in Louisiana so under the bridge flipped over exactly exactly so. Yeah Danny. Welcome to the show. Thank you about how you doing good business over there at the ID have the goal. Here was to come in and rob as much as I can in podcasting. I'm brother the the the lectures have been great. So we're going to work on a much poorer program next so we can do more podcasting we. This is by far the best of the best lineup. We've had the Atala denigrates. Oh yes yeah. And then Josh Awesome. Yeah you're the best thing that happened to me day actually is it so I had I got burleigh because I was going to work out my introductions Mike and for Josh and I come in and I'll say to Mike makes us you might if I play this. And he has his great recording of the of the prefight fight. You know the the in basically he said. You don't really have to introduce me so I didn't introduce him and then like twenty minutes later. Do you mind if I introduced Josh. And I think he is is me Lake Natoma. Yeah great less I have to do. I'll just sit and drink coffee. Thanks yeah pictures. Queued up. Yeah that'd be awkward if you had had introduced the no. That's a good point. That's a good point so Best Vinnie though for. Yeah this this venue is better than I mean. Accepting Tennessee of course is but you know this. This is where we're doing next year too so this is where it will be happening I think this this venue is better than ones we've had before had better lineup. We've the food is amazing. Here comes back to that and I think we've got a really good lineup of exhibitors and stuff too so I'm pretty happy with it just like that much difference laundry. Yeah Yeah I mean yeah just under. Yeah Oh no here comes trouble us. Just actually hit Danny with a Yuppie puppy. uh-huh that really just happened just so we know and sort of Yuppie puppy. Yeah we'll just leave that alone that's good but he's got a fireball taps. Yeah he does really does it. Look shockingly full which must that must have not been the first one. I'm thinking that's been reloaded. Yeah I know things are getting. Maybe we're having like podcasting wars Moody's so much. This is going to distance on talk on. Things did not go. Yeah this is yeah. Moody's got the skill set this thrown out of the place. I love it so Danny I was hoping to have you on to hear. I want you've told me the story. I've heard this story. I might have heard the story on the outliers. PODCAST CAST. But you're training was like nothing I've ever heard before like when you got our dental school you found it was in New York was was you were in some kind of crazy Z.. Residency Brooklyn New York. I WanNa hear about that so I got into Brito hospital than they. Normally Crane was the guy that started the residency program in he One of the anchor implants. He was real good friends with lenny linked cow just to kind of like a pioneer back. In the day he accuser no implants in the in the nineteen eighty S. There's an all out war right now. I'm telling you I never serious..

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