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Put it on my people no se right yes how dare you lately she could tell your grandma move are you doing there was public school teacher I've just about had it with public school teachers that have I want you have an opinion certainly but you need to know for whom you work you know again I have opinions on this show every day I can't use flowery and colorful language because there are restraints can use the F. word yes word all that stuff give you profane not that I would want to but I can't there's a morality clause again run down the street naked ill repute to although nobody wants now everybody nobody no pretty much everybody now when you round up it's everybody it's it's so but I wouldn't do that because you have a contract and you don't want to put yourself in peril you don't put a a bad light on the place where you work why is it that when teachers do things like this idiot did that there is not a media goodbye you did it you're done you're out here Kerry fell as of what we do is the story and the attacks are washable have to stop we got a hateful they they really are good from the blaze Milwaukee public schools place a teacher on leave after he tweeted that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh quote absolutely should have to suffer from cancer it's awesome that he's dying and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful number sixty nine else Monday he's been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer Milwaukee school of the arts teacher Travis rondo's posted the tweet W. I. T. I. reported citing a statement from Milwaukee alderman Bob Donovan Serrano's teaches English the Milwaukee journal Sentinel said and done of any ran twice as a Republican for state assembly the nineteen eighties once enters the dip discipline the I. S. and reported it be easy enough to dismiss all written juvenile nonsense like this were it not for his role in teaching our city's young people done and sent a news release is supposed to be an example of the inclusive tolerant and respectful spirit of Milwaukee public schools is clearly in nothing of the sort Donovan also told W. I. S. an on camera let's just say that some right winger was attacking some liberal and let's just say the same right winger was attacking Muslims this guy would've been gone in a heartbeat but it seems to be okay to attack conservatives and W. I. T. ice it obtained a screen shot of another surrenders tweet that read I was in the room when my grandpa died of lung cancer my grandma and nearly lost her house paying for his end of life cost because of people like Rush Limbaugh who things being poor it should be a death sentence you can read that was redacted all the way off Donovan also said the statements Toronto suggested the extinction of Christian conservative voters could foster a better future and asked maybe we poisoned the communion wine W. I. T. I noted so this guy has done many of these things he's he seems to be have a pattern of attacking people that he doesn't agree with and not attacking with here's why I disagree with you attacking with rush should die white Christians in should drinker from poison holy water or poison wine and when asked about it he said our I regret I will try to tell a joke can you tell me the joke part of what he said I cannot there's nothing funny about that is leave body getting paid no I don't understand why we're not at a point our society where somebody does something so outrageous and this person not only represents the school district in that school specifically this person represents himself as an employee of the people the people their pay for his salary very his bosses many of them I'm guessing or conservative Christians I'm guessing many of them like Rush Limbaugh interview you don't write like Rush Limbaugh don't matter you don't get to say discussing things like that on the company dime now the school district as you said in the story so yeah but it wasn't on school grounds it wasn't on school time says somehow makes a better carry so I'm driving yeah get pulled over for driving under the influence the station or stations it decide to fire me can my excuse really be but it wasn't on station time now it wasn't while I was working I wasn't collecting money from you but at that moment the station has every right to say all boy look what he did me putting us in a bad light is gone the end and that would be okay but I don't drink so they were gonna happen but at the end of the day he does get a pass because he's not a school time like that phrase no professor that attack Barbara bush after she died F. word best in dance at her grave and whatever and Fresno state whatever was said she wasn't working at the time it does represent how we feel but she has a free speech right to do anything she wants as the story said you say that about somebody who's a liberal or or or a Democrat you're done you're done you're out you're out with the trash so it's also this eight eight nine four one tags ended at nine four one seven two four seven job tags dot com your thoughts on a teacher collecting money from taxpayers attacking you know with I hope you die Rush Limbaugh attacking Christian conservatives as if it would be okay to poison the wind and if they should die that would be a good thing basically said to be better if they all died off right yes your thoughts on that eight eight nine four one tags and eight nine four one seven two four seven job tags dot com Hogan Gidley at the bottom of the hour he's going to you're going to come to us from the White House talking about the state of the union the acquittal of the president the trade deals are much more but it you called it right before you did this guy is crazy I do have time no no no no no I don't what it's time polo saying it's time to go to break Paul actually looked over his like again please go to talk to break so really so much of it or not I know I still think we have enough time that I don't think we have enough time I.

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