Gretchen Wilson, Ashley Mcbride, Chris Stapleton discussed on Popcast - Bye, Bro. In Country Music, Its the Year of the Gentleman.


Conscientious objectors cheese of the mainstream of national whatever this is not that this is just a good centrist country song by a woman gretchen wilson could have made this record um i don't know if it's gonna get very much traction right but i was really impressed by it and i think more people should he heard so that's ashley mcbride a little di barn too long ago gocha that yeah i mean i think it's just good to see sort of a woman answer to the chris stapleton jason is bowel the circle simpson like i just rise neighbors but you know it kind of country that is within the system like within the nashville major label system by is still not glossy pop sheen exactly you know something that has a little bit more grit to it in in it's not as if this genre has not at room for such things in the past certainly as we happened just not be in a moment right now were that's at the forefront but all the more reason if if we spot something that as that we should do we can make sure it gets a little bit of attention but let's go out with something that's the total opposite of that so i have a confession to make which is prior to working on this piece about country gentlemen i had not realize that die happy man had been covered by millie now nelly you would say wow delis covering to have again that's crazy they actually now even oh out of the pa good at all it's so on bran nelly just wants to be your country's thing are let him make his country all real it's all i love to hear it a love to hear such a record.

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