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Lowered if you had to eat food off of one part of Michael's body what would be. did you did you said yeah he's gotta ask things like that is only will now look to shoulder like the last. that too is the new touch to the table cloth can I just point out the shoulder in the latter are two different things the whole thing on the whole the whole hominis lower back. it's not far region is already data from the haunches which you did offer Hodges you don't have the answers you doing nice please. one spot I guess. I mean I guess I have to be like. I know it's just you know about that you know. got to. sorry to take it a step further yeah I held but tell what food item could you see eating off of Mike is pectoral muscles which you seem to want to dine on what what what type of cuisine way we are using it like a like a territory chicken is this your first and last call. yeah how about the that's what I was. my girlfriends and listen to this phone call right now because my. well anyway it's just on this really good chocolate home is I guess we're gonna have to be my pick seed smear chocolate harness all over my guess pictorial muscles had any like it off that's what you're saying here all right behind you Herald. yeah exactly what I'm saying yeah I know dipping allowed this no double dipping all right I'm glad we were able to take a an interesting I go on your previously boring phone call her old you so. who's doing. you say he let us down this road upper Herald the man held thanks a lot for calling about hope you have a great afternoon thank you have taken the call have a good day I see a parking rank Herald. they did you have your eye on him like a way clearly did no I didn't do you guys see who who passed away it's not a I I mean it's not a huge celebrity death but it is kind of a local angle this guy was a viral sensation for a hot minute I thought though Gloria Gloria died yeah Anderson Cooper's mom Gloria Vanderbilt yeah okay as she did that's not us us.

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