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Who certainly know the defense who can play rebound oga. Ford does not have the high. Upside of melvin ingram. But he's a solid with. You could do worse than having alex. Okafor's a guy who comes in and plays you know half your snaps so i do think that she's got to cover themselves. And this part on this kind of editorializing on maybe that she's looked at it and say we'd really like getting them and if we can open up the cash face to do so comfortably we will. If we can't we know we've got okafor on the back burner. i still more peeve. Frankly the i. I think losing shot was insane. The amount of money that he was going to call us and ended up costing minnesota. I don't get that like to me. He's the kind of guy considering their positional need value. I would have just said look. I don't care. We need to get that gun. Take care of business. Those two sides had a good relationship after he signed minnesota flat out said. I thought i was going to kansas city so it wasn't like it wasn't like jason have interest in did they just didn't bring him back and i i think with the edge we jones kicking outside. You bring back oakland for. I like my dan a lot more. Maybe than some others. I think he's a pretty good rotational kid and he got taco charlton. Frank clark. of course. I think the chiefs will be okay there if jones stays outside now. He doesn't then. I think there is a significant hole. There but i think that was kind of the plan and they shine gironde read. We're going to give jones a of snaps at there. I'm more worried about corner. I love snead. And i really liked ward is a solid to like live with various award You're one injury away from major issues there. A you better if you ask me other than like injury mahomes or kelsey your health. What is the biggest way you see. This season getting derailed. That's out.

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