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Lorie Kane DR six very good g I like that very good. She I'm sure she's having a nice mother's day this evening Carmen, where did you take your mother yesterday? I went to this place called fleas street cafe and Menlo Park. They're always really great. They have a seasonal menu. And my mom just like loves it loves it. We got a lot of people at the park today. A lot of people at the public asset elaborating mothers day today. There's a lot of female fans here in San Francisco. So definitely happy to see all the moms out there celebrating with their families. It seemed like there were generations of moms there, which is really nice. Nice to see as well. And a lot came up to us today. Yeah. A lot came up to us and Adam we had a good weekend out of the public cast. This was fun last night the game. Not so good. But today a game that that you can enjoy and look the veterans came through today. Bumgarner pitched a good game. Now, let's see what happens Tuesday Tyler beat gets the ball Tuesday Wednesday. Maybe a bullpen game. Who knows what they're going to do Wednesday. We don't know. And then all of a sudden I'll be down in Arizona for Friday Saturday and Sunday to see the giants and the Diamondbacks play them there. You've been to that ballpark. Yeah. Didn't they play their? Well, actually, I think I've only been during the off season and looked at it. Really? I don't think I've watched a game game. We went to Salt River fields row. Yeah. Yeah. That's different. Yeah. I love chase field. I do a lot of people are critical of it. I like the indoors. It doesn't bother me at all. It's an easy ballpark to watch the game. There's a lot of lights and things going on. I feel honestly and I'm a traditional. Baseball guy too, many many extents, but I feel it's almost like watching a game inside a pinball machine. And it's kind of fun to watch it. Now the ball doesn't travel there as much because they have the humidor down there. But Arizona's hitting the ball. They're extra-base hits are just off the charts. And they got Gregory to deal with Robbie Ray to deal with Merrill, Kelly to deal with in Luke Weaver who's close to throw in a hundred. Yeah, didn't they release? Somebody today that the giants are familiar way Tomlinson, not released today. So I'll be down there. Such a good week of baseball coming up. We get probably Edwin Jackson for Toronto on Wednesday seen him a million times. And I think Trent Thornton the left-hander. The giants speed up in Toronto guys won both games. And they up in Toronto. Yeah. Yeah. That was the only sweep they've had those two-game set. Yeah. So they'll be home on Tuesday. I let's go up to Tahoe. Rudy in Tahoe. Eight eight can be nice to have you on the show. How are you Rudy? I'm doing good today. How you doing tonight? Glad to hear a girl's voice onto onto radio again with you guys. A woman. Okay. A couple of questions for it gets to the baseball thing. When you get interview shift percent we haven't heard from him yet. I wanted to know about Kilner stuff at the ballpark. My friends. Yeah. You know, it's well as really talked about chef Tucson Potter, right? Yeah. A great guy runs all the food here at the ballpark is a great baseball fan. And you're absolutely right. He walks by here all the time he waves to us. Sometimes it's like when we had him on the podcast. Didn't we know? He walked by during our podcast a lot of times. We're in the middle of something. So we can't be like, hey, come over here. So we should just try to set up time with him busy, man. But you know, he always makes time for us. I like, okay. You got to schedule them in man. If you I don't, but you know, something I liked the culinary side of the ballpark along with baseball. Because I appreciate good food is chef all over the world, France, Great. That's great. You know, something else. I I noticed too. You're not doing a lot good anymore. Trying to water got bad up here. And that's it Matt Levitt decided to put all his money into the resources of at the ballpark. So that's what he's doing. But we had fun with Tahoe blue vodka last year. And it's it's all over the ballpark. So he's he's done a nice job with it. And it's a nice growing company was good to see that the there's a Lake Tahoe influence absolutely going at the baseball part. But going to the discussion that you've been having her last day or so didn't if own steak and correct me if I'm wrong Divet hazard Farhan done this with both the Oakland A's and the dodgers to bring him to some prominence in wheeling dealing so to speak bringing this guy up throwing this guy down and see news. Good produce hasn't that been the guy is ammo. I think some extent with the as sort of under the radar before he went to the dodgers. But with the dodgers the thing about them. They have tremendous depth. They've got pitching depth. They've got outfield depth infield depth. They've got depth the a triple A. And the biggest thing that they did down. There is to build the farm system. He doesn't have that kind of depth. They're they're desperate now. Aaron all tears coming in Tuesday. Williamson was up here. Gerber was up here. Beatty is up here. Maybe Sean Anderson will be the next one up. Here Suarez could be back there desperately trying to find some depth at the highest level of the minor leagues. And that's been the biggest challenge for them. They got vote up here and Garcias up here now. So the solarte's are gone par is gone Rene Rivera's, gone Kratz. Oh, probably be gone at some to some extent. So that's kind of what they're dealing with. But what he's trying to do. Here is limited because he doesn't have the depth that triple AAA. But yes, that's the MO that he would try to he would want to get to. Yeah. It's it's just looking at what he done in the past two people got to be a little patient about and see how it turns out. And and seeing see what the guy can do, obviously. I mean, the the farm system has been rather depleted for a number of years. We had a good run win the panics and the Crawford's Posey's the bummed gardeners came up. But yeah, they didn't follow through in keeping it going obviously going forward through through the form system system. So we'll see he's got the fellow coming in. We'll see him on Tuesday another outfielder. I don't know how they're going to get him on the twenty five man, they do have a lot of catchers around and pose. He's gonna come back this week, I imagined. So let's see what they do. You know, again, it's it's a story every day with the manipulating the roster. As you say the mosaic was broken for while was kind of getting peace back together. But you know, patience is one of those things. Yeah. We've been spoiled by the team of the and I'm gonna I'm gonna push this one when I call you the team of the decade of the San Francisco Giants enlist Red Sox Window World series. Again this year. Our team is the team of the decade, and I'll leave it on that. And we're we're we're cooking some good beef ribs. So that because you know, something mama in the house be in. My wife loves to be what's on the grill. That's evening, sir. All right, Rudi nice to talk to you and stopped by when you come down to the park. Jason. Okay. Take care of that is Rudy up in Tahoe. Let's go to Jim in Sacramento. Jimmy Floyd kmby. Our go ahead. Yeah. We're here. Nice to have you with us. Hey, thank you very much her. Hey, I just had a couple of things to bring up one. This is just kind of a personal thing. I think Pablo means a lot more to the club. Then a rebate did some years ago. I think you I think that our fighter was so I I'm hoping so I listened to him. I think he's had a great afternoon. Maybe you know, a couple of sodas and then gone love and poor. It's whether call Bartha, you know that. Yeah. There you go. I wouldn't wanna meet him in a bar apparently. But the next thing is is far as whole and goes, I don't agree with him running his mouth about the situation. I have a nephew who has a lot more athletic ability than I do, but he has been up and down the big leagues over the last three years. And and it has a lot more major league time. Than my dad's. But when when you're in that position you have to do what's best for the club. If you're not performing instead of you know, I don't know what is contract is sometimes you just have to keep your mouth sets. Hey, you know, my shoulder hurts or whatever. And then you you go on the list, they used to call it the D L. Now, it's the I L, but sometimes you just have to go along to get along. That's the game. That's why you know. That's that's that's any professional vote. My question is in Carmen. Brought it up as well. And we really haven't gotten too many answers. What's his motivation for going public in this thing? What what do you have to gain? I have no idea. I mean, that's not that that doesn't really, you know, if you're a member of a team, I've never been a professional athlete. But if you're a member, but I've been a member of the team at work. If you're a member of a team you want to do everything to benefit your team. And if you're not performing, hey, you know, I'm going to step back. Let somebody else come in. I have no idea. I don't see where it would benefit him professionally. I could be wrong. But I don't see where it would really benefit him professionally, but I'm not a ball player. So a little bit of credit with his teammates if they're feeling similarly, but they feel like they can't speak up. You know, I'm not saying that that's professional per se, but you know, maybe kind of the motivation behind it. We know that Holland is not a shy person. He certainly done things in the past that have drawn some negative attention. And he he does he doesn't mind the spotlight. So maybe he thought you know, what I'll I'll take this one for the team and trying to gain Claire. Yes, I agree. And if that's what it is. I I'm with him. I get it. You know, if if the him doing that benefits the folks the players a good, you know, really good. However, at some point, I know it's something that a lot of ball players go through I know, my nephew, the one that credit. My nephew was it was the year after as rookie year eating somebody. And then he started pitching horribly. They put him on his last year. It was the deal. And then she, you know, eat, but he was rookie no veteran so two different. You know, two different steps on the ladder. If you will. But at some point, you know, unsure how to go through that to it benefits. The players could you know, or EC standing up to the players good for him. You know, I, you know, I was gonna say I think the the thing is you know, he seems a little shocked about the phantom. I l thing I mean, literally happens constantly in the game. It's not a surprise if you're. Not performing well, you could possibly go on the I L, and you know, I think too far hands point where he's saying we have medical records. We can prove x y and z he's got receipts or whatever, quite honestly, you know, any doctor can say, you know, you could benefit from arrest because your your finger to looks a little swollen. You know, even if it's not dire medical issue. So I see both sides or I can't do as well. And then I'll end it with this. Thank you for taking my call all ended with this. How in the world did you learn all the advanced metrics, I tried to look up and understand them, and you can drop my call after this. And I'll just listen on the air. But how did you learn those? There's so many. Yeah, they don't even know where to begin. Yeah. I mean Marty you can answer this too because you certainly have been getting into it more recently. But I listen to a lot of podcasts. There's a podcast called effectively wild hosted by some guys who write for fan, graphs. It's incredible way. To learn I wasn't. Oh, a lot of baseball podcasts that talk about it, and the more you kind of understand what they're seeing and see it in action..

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