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That's what the Democratic Party is all about, but we know the Democratic Party's crazy, but I'm pissed that the Republican Party for emboldening not standing up for anything gone along with like. Given all of our medicines to be made in China. Public Party had played this game with their people too, and I don't appreciate. No one stood up for donald trump Lindsey Graham phony. They all come on TV and talk loud and the one that hurt me. The most was Trey Goudy. He knew what was going on behind closed doors. Everyone said that was no collusion in every day. Even, Hannity, I like I like Hannity on TV, and say well, we know. What, commotion the World What Russia Did A. Post that Collusion Act, they try to act like Russia, had a big finger on America in all of the Republicans players game, but not only that at the end of the day everybody that lives in their little bubble that means that white bubble talking about. GINGRAS only I'm walking police to go on strike. You know when you never been robbed, and you never have to call the police. It's easy to get rid of the police and watch how. In Armegeddon gets thrown on America I to right. I won't, they strike, give! A wake wakeup call and that's all. I gotTA say today Vicky. Thank you Dave for the phone call is. I really do. Because, it's because you said you said a lot in a short period of time. Where we've been the Republicans. Were elected Republicans where the Legislative Republicans right now. Putting forward Lucien. That says thank you to law enforcement in Wisconsin. Thank you very much for what you've done. Where the Democrats we'll put out a resolution on anything and everything nationally or locally. You had nothing coming from the Wisconsin Republican saying anything about the three year long lie that we were dragged through right up until impeachment about Russian collusion nothing. The narrative want. Truth of Horace Vacuum and the Republicans have given the truth of vacuum. This is Vicky mechanics show..

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