Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, FBI discussed on The Phil Valentine Show


One more point here about whether or not the i was convinced that there was no political bias i don't think he goes that far he said he could not find specific evidence that political biased influenced the decisions or the outcomes however the i g does right that he's basically suspected he growing evidence evidence said well he did he said struck might be willing to take fischel action to impact a presidential candidates electoral prospects and he suspected that that could have been the reason why struck slowwalked bringing to light the anthony weiner laptop situation which radically ended up backfire timing right hillary clinton was going to say my two points in response are all of the things that komi and the other officials are deemed for in this report hurt hillary clinton politically the fact call me went out and made that crazy statement on july fifth where he scolded her publicly that broke with decades if fbi policy about not charging but then scolding someone publicly the fact that he announced by himself in october just days before the election that he was reopening the investigation that her hurt her politically and the anthony weiner emails taking so long to review them that also did the the other point i would make though is that tradition the fbi is not partisan at all but individual law enforcement officers tend to be more conservative just like in the intelligence community where i worked for six years people in law enforcement and intelligence tend to be more conservative so the idea that there were all these liberal fbi people just.

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