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So i think that shows you money into two four games. Three two three for kevin just or take Almost almost a hundred and yet. He's done that. Miss emma time and kevin keegan flows remember the younger people was an icon. So that's kind of an mosala ahead of you know so and and also what should remember to same majon bonds and others. These guys are not strike us white plans on the the effectively. Wipe pleasant a front fees. Two jobs to do on many jobs to do one of them is to provide for a for. Muir georgia striker. Whoever has the other has to be that midfield. Whiteman attack on the other to get buckingham with little buck and yet still contribute maximum goals those two have been state in the elvis and credible saints. What about mosala today for you don. He was good. I mean mitchell. Don't get me wrong. i thought kid. Green game against the craig's absolutely spots on when you look at saudi-omani mosala most put one of the most defensive shifts in our thing i've ever seen and terms of his performances today had to because he recognized the danger joan needed protection monitor on the other side and then he got rewards with these with these finished but it took place most part game because he did your tyrant. Mitchell was amazing against him. It was the fact that they were doing all their work going backwards. We hardly see them. Going forward spoke yet. Both of them on the scoresheet ceremony against the first one saugus the second one in against the third one it was one of them games where it was a brilliant arch. It was any to end policies of chances to take swimming at the guy. Georgia missing absolute sits on the first period of the game. Way think for me no saw and he just Senescence folks but no idea. Why yachts windfall for power from two or three yards but it was very impressive that when liverpool needed scout to the whale that wide-men men done it. Neat may still schooled. But don't don't you think alot of games where you're pulling your hair with more sal watching them there's a games and then yet he steps up. Quite often in schools are brilliant goal. And we kind of forget sometimes about his general performance. I mean taking touches the bowl. Bunsen often seems to me to happen. A law but then he still these moments magic. Yeah thing i've seen a little bit different from an early on in the season. Last season went teams. Play really defensive craig. Really deep against him he was picking the ball on the halfway line and he had two or three men to beat so he was popping off then he gets a little bit lazy. These of these passing it gives away. You'll see in central midfield players. We know that quite simplistic passes the easy ones. He still switches off seen a different side of him since assault the season and it all starts. I think it's a conversation we had and we look at liverpool go. What's actually happened when the center off. Sabine injured that best players like jordan henderson life being. We'll plan to send a box. So now they're back in midfield until midfield does more skunk famo- night way high is more scope for most solid to play high. Then all sudden you win the ball back and midfield to get fed straight licensed straightaway one before back so. It's the holum not going affect that. All employees were injured factor liverpool conceding goals with all blacks were swingers. I think was the knock on effective. Actually what was happening to mosala and marna in the with a midfield three and completely missing city themselves could it. Only some gulf today played out a nil-nil draw with southampton infect southampton had a penalty overturned. Anna kyle walker red card overturned..

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