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I admit i might be wrong about guzman. Like it's possible. He is a top twenty. Starting pitcher and i refuse to rank from his baltimore years. But you know we got dylan bundy. Kevin guzman ariana. Cy young basically you leave baltimore. Good things i mean. I hate to rip them but you know. Look what's happened to some of these pitchers as soon as they left nauseam. it looks legit. Yeah he definitely does. He made some very distinct pitched alexa changes in the san francisco. First year. Home game better ballpark of the two for this match up by like it. Did you like walkers first game for the mets this year. Who's he's a guy. I have no shares of i had no interest of. I'm scared of injury. I'm scared of performance. I thought his numbers and twenty twenty were misleading. But yeah when he had a good look at them on tuesday and see what he died. Weather permitting it's supposed to rain all week i think they're clear that day. I think thursday's the big risk day in new york. The what i wanna see. John means at home against seattle. Because i i might have been wrong about means as well maybe ripple baltimore i and look at the fed franchise bad team but johnny's looks legit and hasn't even left yet so that's something to watch Day game as well native. All you're not in on against kenta maeda so get your austria diggings all week. So that's good because want day games and need him since minnesota's got the cold temperatures. I'm not surprised. Had day games. There dylan bundy if he's cheap at kansas city on tuesday as well on bbc giolito well. We've got some nice match. ups here. Beat her back. I like it wednesday. The first game is adam. Wainwright against washington I rostered wainwright in a lot of places you people could say. That was not smart. But i second outing was better than his first. Washington is is off to a bad start. They played the dodgers so who knows and they got the covid issues and we still haven't seen schwab yet so there's a lot of issues with washington at the sutter fault but i'm very interested in wayne very interested in jake arrieta against corporate burns. It burns could be a top ten. If i wrote a column about all these guys who might be top ten. Starting pitchers burns must grow cancer. It's very interesting. Some of these guys who are ticket who are not top couple of tears. They're taking the next step up unpack a couple of things there wainwright thirty percent swinging straight on his cutters so far now small sample of course but you know something. A little bit different with him. You and i were talking about that during spring training. It's just that matchups. A little right on the ledge must grove the whole history of racking. Pitch counts a no hitter. Do you use them in a second. Start well at pittsburgh. Is that not the more the most dream match up. You could get coming off a high pitch. Count out. well. I mean it was a dream match of Davies this week all the same stuff. Okay i before you say but there's no way you would sit moscow this week in the senate navy's at dodgers stadium. This week. We are not allowed. Her conversation about moscow and in agreement allowed louder. Conversation about months. Grow for this. It wasn't at pittsburgh at pittsburgh is a dream up of course ballpark and lineup. Absolutely and by the way. Texas is the same ballpark in lineup. Right i mean who in texas scares you the ballpark. I'm not ready to go there that it's pnc park. Yeah no. it looks like it's going to have a similar effect. It does yeah with with a full crowd. They're blowing on the field. That's smart could jump. Texans okay moving on and when the all right let's just move on. Espn plus you can check out. Nick neater of miami out atlanta's trauma morton like an unfair fight. But i don't think nick need is gonna be car fantasy relevant but you know. Stranger things have happened. John gray at the dodgers on snow. Look you look good. As last. I i have no shares john gray anywhere you. I took him in the reserve. Round of talent. I've kept bench the entire year. I'm not comfortable. And i won't start on this week for the road. Dodgers no no thank you no thank. You doesn't have a good history there. Are we going to get to the point. Where we just see pitchers against the dodgers not like stars by and you're not going to darvish and must grow from the padres play. The dodgers are we sitting just about everybody else. Is that offense. Everybody but the aces who are locked in jira lineups. Yeah that's a match by voiding. Luxa probably hit at some point by the way even scared the way. Would you put the put the braves up there now. I've seen a lot of. I've seen six of their games already in full because they played the phillies. Zuma's is gonna hit freemen's a monster kunas great i- swanson riley. Kristen pass is going to be in the minors in two weeks. He can't hit. I'm sorry he looks terrible. That's very top heavy lineup. Atlanta and the top is is awesome but after the top guys. I mean like a swanson doesn't scare me at all and riley rally looks like he's going to be replaced and pasha is going to be. I don't know how it land is going to do it. But that's that's a story for another show. But i think at some point soon. Maybe later this month back in center somebody else's playing right like they wish they had duval. I don't know like push a wonderful defensive center fielder and they can get away with it and still win ninety games but if he's going to bat two hundred this year he just looks overwhelmed to me. You know and it's not just against right handed pitching i mean. He had the double on sunday night. I think it was against matt moore where he just kind of stuck his bad out and it and it fell in like this is where you don't look at the batting average and say oh. This guy's great cody. Bellinger would have a slugging percentage two hundred points higher of doesn't pass justin turner. So it's not just about looking at stats. You have to watch the players watching passe. Almost all of his at bats. He looks really overwhelmed. Correct that one flaw. I only raise it just because the top three or four castigated offense is dodgers and the brains and twins. Were very closely following them. I think you can make the case of the brazen. The twins are right there yankees or right there as well desert fourth. Yeah yeah. They're all and padres even with peace. And i've got a couple of leagues and i'm starting to feel it already. Do you know. Do you know who.

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