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I did. That was absolutely hilarious. I, you know, I heard Jeremy. Start talking. I'm like, oh, there must be some big news break. Like this is a big. I wonder what's going on skating. Saw texture and I go, hey, man, could you though this? Could you record this this line for me in the response back was how do you come up with this stuff? Realized I'm like, dude, that really happened. He's like, there's no way that happened. And I sent him the link to Lauren corn story about cook sketti and burning scanning, how you doing son. I'm amazing still working on it partly cloudy morning. Yeah. Have my industrial sized Maxwell house coffee. So I'm but take the first sip of that, and I'm sure that will remedy much what ails me. Go ahead. Had a couple of last night hung out, talk ball. How about talking season? How about they let you make television together. So last night Friday night ONA the SEC network. The mardi McGee TV show talking season was on news. You and me talking to to SEC west football coaches TV show it was it was. Yeah, it was. It was good and props to the. Joining Damien, our producers who've basically hadn't slept in two weeks while we were just, you know, at the swimming pool. So that was the SEC west last night. Right. And next Friday night will be SEC east. Yeah. And. All of them. Of course, we're asked the most pressing question. Entering the two thousand eighteen season biscuits are corn bread. Yeah, and we got some unique answers and not only did we get not only was terribly intrigued by what their answer would be each of these gentlemen, but their reasonings, the diversity in their reasonings was equally intriguing. Mike, I think we got some of these. Can we play? This was Nick saban's answer to the question biscuits or corn who's he coach? Again, he coaches the with a called the crimson what you face. It's down in Alabama. This is Nick Sabin coach biscuits or corn, bread biscuits, or corn, bread, biscuits, gravy, or biscuits biscuits. Gravies that's extravagant. We're not doing extravagant. I think the biscuits, but defying good corn. Bread is is a lot more difficult circumstance. You can find a biscuit anywhere. I. So I think that's probably the reason I said biscuits, not that the corn bread is not something and I liked just as much, but where you're going to find it, it's like recruiting, it's like curve, you find it. You can find anyone star somewhere. Why are you looking at Martin when you say that. This is four star cornbread right here. Coach will first team. The, that's so if you didn't see the show, that's pretty much what it was. I love that dude. Yes. Funny, I look, I don't care who you are son. That's funny about a nuanced corn. Bread answer. Like from Nick Sabin. It's not just like corn, Brad, Cleveland. Awesome. We went. We took it a step further right after coat saving left because suddenly I realized that they like that that coaches like in their bread, what they like in their players. Right. And that is consistency. And that is versatility. And it was almost universal that they went through this entire process of considering all the variables involved. An excellent biscuits, an all the many variables involved in excellent corn bread, and then they gave us their answer, but almost always went to. Yeah, you got a couple of guys who were all in on the sweetcorn bread immediately. They're, you know, they're the flashy guys. Yeah, right there the gas who want to parentally that they go after all the perimeter superstars who make the flashy place, but then a lot of coaches who went full offensive lineman, give me a biscuit and let's be consistent about it. We'll throughout the show this morning. We will play the biscuit record. Brad answers from the coaches of the SEC US from morning McGee talkin sees frigging cups, coffee atas made their Senate, is it? Would you like a biscuit with it? I put took a page out of del juniors book. I got this almond almond Kramer stuff..

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