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Right well the other. Part that I remember from the show is when there was that moment, which was like the first time I think they actually have like a real reunion because I don't think they really did it with OC and it was. They come back and. What you, what family, so where did? Like? Okay, I though that was the whole thing with the book you know. And that was sort of exaggerated of coup brought the book from the library, or someone brought it to the hair salon. That whole thing, but. Basically according to Dina. More like the producers Kinda was like you need to bring it, Caroline. This is like boring. Something needs to happen. And then she felt Carolina made a bigger deal out of this whole thing with the Danielle and the daughter in the dad, and apparently there was just more like a conversation between. The Dad it wasn't that big of a deal was with her, not being on the show, not being the show, and it was almost like DNA had no issue with Danielle going into the reunion and was like. Hey, by the way, don't bring it up. Caroline like we're good on this like don't and then as the eight hours went on Yeah Carolina I. Don't know if someone put it in her head or she felt she needed to like. amp it up because she knew how much love she got when she was like with the. Don't talk with my family I think. She felt like she had to come with it and all. Dina was like with the fuck. Is this like what? But when she talked about how she moved in with her and they'd had this great. Fun Time as the kids were little, and the boys were little and. It was sad that they were no longer friends, but I don't talk to one of my sisters so I'm never I'm never going to judge? I'm never going to be like blood is thicker. What talked to my dad? There's nothing wrong with it like your life, so you can wake up every day. Have drama, and so, but now you're like oh wait. There was this whole other level where where maybe she felt she wasn't this bad marriage, and they were protecting or or again. Maybe I'll think doesn't like Tommy. Maybe he's like he's a fucking Dick. I can't believe he did. They're probably horrified. I don't think they like Hey Tommy by the way. But my other argument would be like if you work at the Brownstone, aren't you're wondering why the three hundred and thirty person wedding was only ten grand instead of four hundred fifty ground, yeah. Whatever I mean, you know because I'm sure if Tommy and Alfie don't get along. He's not going to be like Yo, I'm gonNA. Give my homie like the big discount, and he's like no yeah tra-, but I think I. I think they were not and I. Think she said a million times she wanted to protect protect. Lexi was like in the very beginning daughter was like maybe in high school. Thirteen when the cat was wrinkly cat talks and she was no talk. Yeah, and a little known, she was like a little cute thing. Yeah, and she wanted to protect her and yeah. Wow and now makes me think one is the Kim. Kardashian tied up for higher gonNA come out. Because that was after that I think that was twenty success. Recent, yeah. That's gotta be. That's never been. You know really proven who did that, right? Yes, and since you said it takes a couple years, the clocks tick in. We need to find out who hog tied her in Paris. I'm dying. You think there's more to it than just being like professional. Peres like burglars all. We Know Kim Calcio. He's saying the hotel. Let me move layover. Bag It we're going to get. The. Street! Sabotage A. Giant drop a big time. Literally like a giant Hewlett Canary Doing. Come on yeah. It's it's literally like they were. You know an organized crime syndicate I. Think they were hired like you said I. think that makes me. I want to go over this. Because this we're on. Kurt ashes really quick. This was kind of this is a good thing. ROB is out of the house. He looked happy and he attended. Khloe Day! He looks really happy. Right there and I think that makes the family really happy. I'm glad he's out I. Live very close to block China's house. We'll also these are. These are I mean the amount of insider's scoop you probably I don't have that much of looked in the medicine cabinet. Card. I never did and now I definitely not hang out. I'm actually closer to black China passer. House all the time a ride by it. We look at the cars. I see if she's doing only fan shoots in the backyard. which she does his car there ever. I don't know what his car is I? mean. There's always like five really nice cars, really expensive cars and I ain't never seen her like pushing the babies or anything not that she doesn't, but I haven't been there by that time. We thought he was going to be now. You told us and of course Julie's head exploded because she lives for the Rob Update, K looks for him. We watched Kardashians. All she's doing. Is that up? Why in here? Where's he walks by? But now he has lost weight. Loss weight. We did want him to be I was looking for Oh dancing with the stars rob well when it says like because on the Click Bait was like explosive weight loss from Rob Kardashian or whatever it's like Oh my God. He's going to be skinny and I'll fit the way he used to be. And then it was like because he's good look, he's good looking, and he's you know, but he's. He's in transition I. Think I think he's starting his weight loss journey has begun. He's like I. think that he's whatever he's addicted to. He's working through it and he's clearly on the other side of or not the other side. He's on the. End I hope so I think. That took him. Obviously extreme fame, and you know not being with the right girl then going with the wrong girl than. Living in that house with Lamar and I, think they really bad for each other. All this you know, and then you know, and then what can you do? But I saw that was good that he went out was great. Yeah, we're stoked that he's going to start coming in. Yeah like I hope. And he starts to get his. You know I can't imagine what it's like to be the one boy in a family of all, not they're not just women there, yeah! They're. The thirstiest women I mean you're. You're dealing with women. Who are how do you even who am I? How am I right? Hand? Man Can even compare or be enough for any of these people, so I would imagine. He suffered a lot of mental and lost to dad him at a very like he was the youngest one, so he was only like fifteen. Yup, and so good good for him, but I noticed is really hard to lose weight. If you're like on any of your, an opioid like nightmare, awful allegedly, so that makes me think if he's like pass bat. Say like he's what he's clearly like with I mean. He was dealing with some sort of drug addiction. We think yeah, that's that's good news. Utah had personal juicy story about the views. Megan McCain. Guys know this. A lot of people don't know this, but she is the daughter. Of John McCain. John My father, my father? My father is Senator John McCain. Oh, he was yes. I am a conservative an on the view and my father was bollock. Have you seen that wonderful montage for over five minutes of my father, my father, my father. Yes, I have I've watched it several times. And then it doesn't end with joy, Behar being like. I'm the daughter of whatever. Whatever. Josephine And I was like Oh. My God I. It's it's it's she's. Okay, so, what's the story? Okay? Where do we begin? Basically you knew when she said you were at my wedding, Denise. Did you ever know that? So wait, denise who? I do remember this, but denise who? She was just some kind of like writer or Guest guest on the panel or she just commented like these the view like what are basically the viewed like they need to stop their bunch of like chattering chickens..

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