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But now, she's even more outraged by what the Scottish lords have done by deposing, Mary because Elizabeth has very strong viewpoints about again, appropriate behavior one and about the monarchy and how Queen a sovereign and this was simply inappropriate. And a lot of historians have suggested that if Elizabeth hadn't protested so much against their actions and the Scottish lords would have executed Mary without much. Do it all in. And that really is the crux. Of their relationship. This this is why Elizabeth hesitates over the Mary question for so long because actively trying to depose or sentenced to death fellow monarch sets of really dangerous precedent, and it's not something Elizabeth wants to get into. But in contrast, all these helpful things. She's doing at the same time in March fifteen sixty eight Elizabeth is eyeing Mary's jewels, which of course, have been put up for auction, and she outbids Catherine Domenici for her pearls and you'll see them and several state portrait. Yeah. Mary's briefly liberated the following year and tries to seek refuge in England with her cousin. Elizabeth she's probably thinking Elizabeth has been pretty nice and helpful lately. But this is a really bad move because Elizabeth uses as an excuse issues surrounding darn lease murder and holds Mary in a series of prisons for the next eighteen years, and the English tribunal delivers the only verdict they can against Mary because there's nothing that can be proved. But Elizabeth can't let her go either. Because Mary at this point have got an interested again in claiming the English throne because she doesn't want the Scottish one back, and I mean, really, would you pretty understandable, and are the tempo of her life has changed at this point. She's gone from being this romantic adventurous figure in this world wind life was fleeing on horseback. Exactly to spending twenty years in prison practicing. Her religion and working on her embroidery yet. She's her embroidery is kind of an interesting side note there actually been books written solely about Mary's embroidery. She was really good at it. But she would use symbolism. I've I really liked a rendering of a ginger cat playing with a mouse, which was a reference to the red haired, Elizabeth toying with poor little mouse, Mary, but most of her time in prison is really sad and her health suffers her beauty diminishes and she resolves to get out first by pleading with Elizabeth, but also she is scheming from the very beginning. Elizabeth's chief advisor actually warns her the Queen of Scots is an always shall be dangerous person to your estate, and that is very much true. Mary started plotting against Elizabeth almost as soon as she was in England in unfortunately, she's the number one hope for English. Catholic. So basically any rebellion. You have that's trying to unseat Elizabeth is gonna look to Mary as the woman to put on the throne in her stead and one of the plots in fifteen seventy was a big deal the Ridolfi plot, which was your average run of the mill Catholic plot to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with Mary, but after this particular event, Elizabeth never again considers restoring Mary and she recognizes James the sixth as king of Scotland. But Mary security gets tighter around fifteen eighty four. She's been living as the Queen imprisoned. But it it goes into major lockdown mode by this point, and they're also new laws against plotting treason in England by this point. And Elizabeth is afraid that she might have to kill Mary under them and goes to the now grown James and asks if you and your mother would be willing to co rule, and he's unwell. Willing to do this. He's seeing a future for himself as not only king of Scotland, but king of England and Elizabeth tries to hide this betrayal from Mary, which was kind. But the end finally happens in a plot. That was sent through beer barrels Mary's under this heavy security, but these beer barrels are like the one one chink in the armor. But even then even after yet another plot comes up where it's clear to Elizabeth that Mary is still conspiring against her. She waivers for months about doing anything about it. She even declares I am not free, but a captive. She knows that their lives are entwined together forever. And finally though Mary is executed in February eighth. Fifteen eighty seven and she goes to her death in a very dignified manner. And when the fact of her death is broken to Elizabeth. She's almost hysterical. Yeah. She dresses in morning. She cries she. Ages against those who drove her to do this so much. So that her advisers get out of town because we'll do right? And she's also afraid truly deeply afraid that God will punish her for what she's done. And she's a part of this is certainly personal. This was a hard personal decision for Elizabeth to make. But she's also worried that her international reputation will be shot that she's put a Catholic martyr to death. Not just a a treasonous clean and some of this rage in these crying fits are to show the world that she's upset by this. So wildly relationship between fissile and the rose came to a bloody end the interesting thing is that despite this long history, they have with one another they've never met. No, and Mary never stopped pleading for personal contact. She was very charming woman. And she was sure that she could charm. Her cousin to Elizabeth was interested at first in this, but became more and more distant, and she's she's a frayed of the charm. She's afraid that Mary will enchant her or worse. Upstage her be prettier and more impressive than the great Queen. Elizabeth? She said at one point there is something sublime in the words and bearing the Queen of Scots that constrains even her enemies to speak well of her and again since they never met they had the opportunity to make the other one larger than life in their minds less excuse me, more than human. Yeah. And it's funny to to consider their reputations. Elizabeth always played up the masculinity of her strength. Even though she was a very emotional woman, and Mary has always been seen as the emotional one. Even though honestly she's more ruthless. She would have seen Elizabeth murdered because she was so desperate while Elizabeth. Takes forever to sentence her to death. So between this battle of the rival queens. They both end up winning. And losing in the end, Elizabeth makes James her air and every British monarch since then has been a descendant of Mary. But James, of course, was a Protestant air which was the cause dear to Elizabeth's heart and the best conclusion to the story is that when James becomes king. He brings his mother's remains to Westminster Abbey and builds a magnificent marble tomb for the lady chapel with a Scottish lion at her feet and the tomb lies just across the aisle from Uganda that of Elizabeth together forever. So we will end with the words of Elizabeth who wrote a sonnet about Mary and said the daughter of debate that eek discord doth so shall reap. No gain where former rule has taught still piece to grow. Thank

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