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I went to Washington state. I also had I went to school in Tacoma for a while. And I went to multiple Washington practices where in the stands watching, I also watched their spring game. And I remember watching their quarterback competition a couple of years ago. And there was a quarterback named Jake hayner competing with Jacob Eason. J could be someone's a transfer out of Georgia, the local kid who had all the talent in the world that literally looks like Fabio has he's tall, got a huge arm. And he didn't know the playbook very well. And Jake hayner was not as talented, was not bigger, did not have a strong arm, but he knew the playbook by heart. And quite frankly, he was the better quarterback in that competition. Who moved the ball better? Who knew the playbook better? Who was more encouraging to the people around up Jay caner was not, it didn't have as much potential, but was a better quarterback at Washington than Jacob Eason was. And JK was so mad, he got slighted and kind of screwed over out of the job. He was a better quarterback, but he wasn't named the starting quarter by key transferred to Fresno state. And I say all that to tell you that when Washington played Montana the other day, they didn't have a quarterback. They had Dylan Morris, who through three interceptions looked really bad. Like, really bad. And you're like, oh God, Washington has no quarterback. What's ironic, though, is that same day, Jay caner played for Fresno state. He almost beat university of Oregon. Had a couple of fumbles. It sucks, but he looks really really good. And it's so funny to me. And I don't know what justice is here. I don't know that it would have been really smart to make JK and it was starting quarterback instead of JPMorgan, I don't know. Hindsight 2020, I don't know, but it is pretty funny. That Washington lost because they didn't have a quarterback. And the quarterback they didn't love up enough to keep was on another program's football team that day, doing very, very well J caner. And you know what would have saved Washington the embarrassment of losing to Montana? If they had Jake hainer on Saturday. They needed a quarterback. The one they used to have did really well without them. And JK or man, I don't know that he's an NFL quarterback, but he has really good habits. And.

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