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Being kind of blurred lines and convoluted lives and the next thing you know when something isn't going as as playing somebody's mad you know and i'll say this to you know just you know just it sounds crazy because i believe friendship and business can exist does does make if done right but but really like really you have to protect yourself in a more times than not it is in my experience of of mixing personal business things and get money but just make sure expectations on regardless on on what people should be doing and how they should be performing this makes that's the number one thing because business has to be i when you're doing business people when you begin to put all the friendship stuff i and all i love you first and then acts favors are somebody's doing then things become like super left field and you know everything she worked for work to get you know can just kinda crash overnight i couldn't agree with that anymore will like if i was like one thing you build a business relationship on anybody the z most important thing i could take this back to when when mian corey formed when me and my other partners formed when i managed athletes it's setting up the expectation from both sides at the beginning having a clear understanding and here's what i would piggyback on it is get what i like to call the hard of leash it out of the way at the beginning of a business relationship and that hard ugly shit could be setting up expectations because sometimes uncomfortable to talk about talking about money talking about the structure of how someone's going to be compensated talking about the structure of how business is going.

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