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And you're listening to Mitt hat in the morning. What time seven thirty one thing and one thing only and this is causing trouble in the past yes short we afraid of trouble absolutely not what doesn't get us in trouble? Twos over the years on this segment. It is quite simply known as hammer or I should say Shammar Ham Shammar or hammer in simply Steve Robinson is going to read the stories. Everybody knows by now To mikey obviously before. Mikey be for years Lenny Kaye in a lot of people willing to get Lenny Kaye. Mikey beat Obama. It's not that different area. We've done it. I think more people are Lenny Kaye people. Did you just hear what the programming director had to say to us? During the commercial break I call the program direct whether you have to say. He said we need to leave. Display the heads. Do this segment understand. Why don't you just play the door to my Harry Style Rostock? But I'm saying you know a lot of people prefer the Kirkman Hand Lenny Kaye years. That's all well okay. Well what we can't do anything about that now. I understand. But I'm just saying Lenny Kaye was sure he was more talented. I understand he was a veteran. What am I am nothing? I'm here to either Greg. Laugh at your jokes. Great Talking Whether K yesterday. That's all I know. You don't WanNa hear that we the good conversations doing really well. Do you want me to fight anymore. I can fight with you more but it's going to be come off a little fake. Well you know let me well. Maybe we'll do it later. Obviously Lenny came at her famous. We did one famous draft. Everyone's still talking about it. But that's we're here to talk about letting key right now. I'm trying to think well. Maybe you haven't failed on Lenny after his fifth stint Rehab. I don't think I'll be here all right. That's necessary. That's not going to get into that stuff right now. He's doing fine. He's got a podcast and be my guest. Well look I went to. I went to meetings every day. Okay I went to meetings every single day. What else was until until you didn't. Okay exactly look amazing. Now what do you want me to say? Anyways dimmer hammer again every night. What what matters most shimmer hammer matters? Most there we go now. We're best sports things matter most of the station the sports tell you something you do it. I wasn't I do all right. Let's Shammar Hammer. Simply Steve Robinson's your host. We know this on the lime re this is like this is like wake up in the morning saying hey you know what you're breathing now it's air. It's a ritual. Though it makes people feel comfortable God and I bought this. You know I like it into this whole book. We'll we'll do Shammar Hammer and a second. Anybody else annoy getting more and more difficult to get newspapers right now during this. It's hard anyway. I know you guys don't read newspapers like a good paper in the morning. They have my coffee. My crawler we try to test without media say crawler crawlers. I didn't say that you know what I call it. I call it the skip over Ivan. I'm not mad. They did not have that did not did. Not Sugary coating did not did not okay. What's that I call it? The Corona Times the best way to get infected. I'm not read the paper. I disinfect. My phone every single morning of the people working at the newspaper smart. Not WHAT'S SMART? That's smart okay. All right so it's Shammar Hammer Simply Steve Robinson go ahead all right so I'm GonNa read a couple of stories to you guys. It's your job to guess whether it's real news or fake news. We KNOW THAT SIMPLY STEVE. We've done with every day comes out of Dallas in eighteen wheeler carrying toilet paper crashes tractor trailer loaded with toilet. Paper went up in flames early Wednesday morning near Dallas. The driver of the eighteen wheeler reportedly lost control around four thirty. Am on westbound interstate. Twenty near interstate forty five. The truck ended up on its side and caught fire. Yoma last time. Mikey be. I'll guess I but the last time remember Mike he was in Texas for. Was it a week? One hundred of your buddies. I know where you're going here what I do. It's not working out. You're talking about his Dick Cheney moment right well.

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