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And the one thing that sessions like is a big arm quarterback and at least they'll get some excitement out of that as far as quarterback play not seeing what the the nonsense that was last year you know they're gonna use this year and then try to use mccown to steady the ship then soon as the ship gets a little rocky they're going to try to get bridgewater and trying to see if he's good enough or ortiz or to sell them off somehow the end of the year i think we're in a fantasy land eddie here you know i think at the end of the day i wouldn't be surprised if sam darnold started the season as new york jets that would be my best movers they did that but the only thing i don't like about donald is he's kind of bowlegged is not like a pure athlete running and the small hands and the jet history i can see a lot of fumbling and a lot of sam donald running around and searching for the ball those twenty two turnovers last year at usc they were ed you and the jet history to that so you basically thanks sam donaldson cars being on the new york jets i hope he's not history the history shows me that jets do not develop players well especially offensive players you know name me any not not in recent memory we know they've been pretty much been in a toilet but you know what new regime and the jets have threatened bird well hackenberg seems like they just pluck them out of the sky just say man we like u penn state let's let's bring you on but actually like the fact that the jets have donald i am more i'm a jets fan i am more excited about the new york shut selecting donald then mar sanchez fell draft are you ready for that and that was a red flag right there and mark sanchez came he had a lot of talent around him at a great offensive line decent wide receivers was able to run the football granted he was a turnover machine helped get them to the afc title in spite of him not because of him.

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