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Hey welcome back to help. Eye-socket dating all you suck army. We have a very special wonderful beautiful guests who is online right now. I'll tell you my wife. Ashley speaks of this person so highly. I'm not joking. I mean it's beyond beyond i'm not joking when ashley says you might be the prettiest girl that's ever been on the bachelor i swear to god she said this before so bibiana julian. Everybody thank you. That's our reach. Because i feel that the ladies that go on the show are all extremely beautiful. So i love actually somewhat. She's like the best hype girl. I know you guys. I know it's wish you guys hang out more. I know you live down in florida Because you were obviously on winter games a season that i don't speak of but that's okay but you guys became really close throughout that experience. Yeah i she was awesome. Yeah we won't get into winter games. You know it's all right. I'm just teasing. So how are you. what are you up to. how's life. i'm good. I mean life is life is going I it's just funny. I was catching up with one of the producers. And i'm pretty close to and tuesday cow are you and i'm like i am twenty twenty right now. is just like lots of ups and downs normal stuff. I have really good weeks and another week like one two six year. And oh my god what overall very good and healthy. So i can't complain. I see your think. That's the big. That's the big takeaway to as long as we're staying healthy. That's the most important thing right. Yeah how are you guys doing. We're doing well actually. So i like. I said i see that. Your christmas tree is up We're putting up currently right now. It's it's a big tree though so it's taking a lot of extensive work but it's a it's a family Situation we're all putting some work into this for ashley. She gets away with it. I don't know why it's ridiculous but we're doing well..

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