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Yeah. I'm trying to mind. Details on this. It's kind of bouncing around. Authorities a construction worker fell to his death at Disney's Epcot theme park. This again, hold on. Now the show in here. They show a picture of the big metal, though is the spaceship, whatever spaceship, America, spaceship earth, spaceship earth. All right. So that's when you think of Epcot switch. I think of is what you have a picture. But I don't know that they mean that because then they started talking about work going on for a new forty two we ride or something. And then gondola system, and then the Star Wars talking about all the construction projects going on there. So I don't know if he fell off that if you fell out the fake Eiffel tower what so, but he fell off something, right? Definitely didn't fall into the mouth of gator. The right. Well, doesn't say that. H is another tragic weird worker accident at Disney not at all related to? So Gators and swamps for those of you who are unaware following the very tragic and very high profile story of the young man being snatched by the gator. At disney. There have been a series of stories were workers have died, but have died in some really like one guy fell in. There was a smelting accident, right? Just some really really strange horrible deaths. Another diet he died by a barrel of acid use down there and the tunnels underneath Disney and barrel of acid just fell right into it. Deport definitely not gator. So the theory that some have who will remain nameless. Is that perhaps Disney is having to come up with stuff to cover a series of gator deaths? There we were we were updating the the Trump animatronic robot foul. Yeah. And to Hillary one Russian collusion of freak down employees died decapitated by Trump really definitely not a gator was he doing a Nazi salute. At the time. It was. Boom in head right off the bat. Navigator definitely not a gator. Okay. All right. That'd be that wouldn't happen again. No, they got all that covered or something so robot, so there's a theory there. I'm just saying, you know, case your question in some of the very odd stories that come out of their researchers have are very excited because I remember when they found that that baby woolly mammoth and it was quote, perfectly preserved in the ice. And they're like, wow. That things preserved enough. I wonder if we could make another one, you know, a real one. Well, they've taken the first step specifically they've placed a nuclear add a cell Nikolai that was extracted from the twenty eight thousand year old remains of the woolly mammoth into the ova of mice which is important thing. Because specifically there have been. There's research that shows that when you when you utilize the ova of mice. There is a restorative rehealing thing that happens, and as a result, they see they're getting closer and closer to being able to. I guess recreate or repair the DNA strand. There would be necessary to go ahead and clone a woolly mammoth and get those butters up and running by the way, I'm down with. Ross would you hunt? If there were woolly mammoths, would you take up hunting the question is what I die. We not one hundred with his spear. Oh, come on. We'll get you. We'll get you something coward. What are you gonna do Cassuto or something? Shoe sniffle who is this. Terrifying. Ed tusks man would murder the hell out of people back in the day or almost people. There's very dangerous most dangerous game. Your cat. What? I don't. That's right peace and everything else. On go up against that. The teams ACLU researchers from Japanese and Russian universities who've been working for nearly twenty years on a project us cloning resignation, resurrect mammoths an animal long extinct and the same goes for some other creatures including sabertooth Tigers, you know, because we need more of those running around. You know, why I think they were successful. Now. I think about it. Remember that wolf I just got you and your family. Yes. Terrifying. Doesn't that thing looks like it's still going to say it's like three times the size of a person. Go look at it. We tweeted it out a Casey on the radio. That's the biggest damn wolf I've ever seen dark souls, boss. The wolf Wayne is linking to kill it on a trumpet a possibly could in one or two. That'd be a mess. I decided would mess with your cat. I might take the cat. You to take the cat on that bed. Once again, the cat is terrified you just described to wolf that's three times the size of a person. Have you met the cat? No. I'm terrified of the cat. And you wanna get smart? I don't wanna go over and say, hey, how you doing? Welcome to Ross's. Yeah. Exactly. Sign up for that. So yeah. Make makes you go. See this crazy giant wolf, we got your brave, but you're not stupid the wolf which is now basically was taken in this here in the US was taken it was dropped off at a shelter. I was taken in by a group that houses wolves and other wild critters there. Hopefully, not the one who had their stolen because their security probably should be stepped up a little now that would be the altar. I'd love to take that thing to the dog park. Man. It didn't look like it was aggressive. The chicks hugging. The thing. In the picture. They look very happy together. It looks very docile for giant wolf it. Looks like it each year old head in one little fail swoop. So let's say girls a dwarf or something that's a big old wolf. Red light to take it. Those obnoxious beer, patios Reverend gotta bring their dog with them. Just me and my giant wolf. You know, how you know how fast those those those mafias be jamming their little tiny dogs back in their purses. Oh, yeah. Pit bulls would cower. Not year pit bull because it's a brave and and nice pit bull, and it gets along with everybody yada, yada, yada. But no other pit bulls. The mean ones the pit bulls or whatever they're called. So check that out at KC on the radio and just know that you know, come Christmas. I could go for one of those. All right. You ready? I promise you that. Regardless of the thing of the most uncomfortable moment you as a child growing up ever had with your parents. And now know that at the very best your baton number two. Five mothers. Have teamed up to create a mother approved pornographic film. Don't worry they're not acting in it. The mothers decided that they needed to create a mom approved a dull video after they were horrified by what passes for pornography on the internet much of which is violent and demeaning towards women. So the five women were given complete creative control. And sat down and chose. They chose what they describe as quote, normal women from an actor and actress standpoint. They were they did the writing the casting directing editing and created the first mom approved pornographic film. And as a result. I swear to you. They became the focus of a TV special and for the finale of the TV special. They will sit down and have a viewing party in front of all of their families. So their teenage children will have to sit in a room with mom and dad knowing that mom and her friends. Writer director producer casting agent for this pornography and watch it with them. Does not win because I think that wins right there Ray Stagich from the.

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