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I would have preferred. If like a month ago. She'd won the north american title. Which is supposed to be a more prestigious title as opposed to this title where he's largely. Guess going to be doing stuff on five live which apparently still exists but like no one watches it but i like that he won so that was nice. We had a chump and timothy thatcher promo. They're back together again and seem to be happy. We add dakota in the ring calling it raquel. Now people are going to give him mad. Let me just preface this by saying that i did love this segment. Okay raquel comes out. And then she has a brief staredown with frankie monet. Who i guess are gonna feud. And then rhea ripley music hits bianca's baylor music. It's they all come out and they have this big group hug and everybody goes crazy now. I liked it. It was a cool moment. It actually brought these dead fans to life so like i'm on cool with all of that but my only question is this everybody. We're rhea ripley raquel. Not in the middle of a violent of blood feud the last time that we saw weren't they killing each other last time. We saw them now. They're back there. Just all hugging in buddies. It doesn't matter because they're on separate brands. But i couldn't help. But note. Like if kyle riley went to the main roster and adam cole went to raw like also known a pay per view. They reunited and hugged. Would that not be weird. Might the only one anyway. It would only be weird if triple h wasn't standing behind them but i liked. I liked it the moment it was just kind of weird. Am i wrong to say that. Leeann ruffin swerves got was a good match and i would go as far as to say that this was the best leeann rough has ever looked in an x t. I mean he had matched gargano. Gargano is great but comedy and your door and blah blah blah. This he was in there. They treated him as a serious guy. He did this. Fantastic top rope franken sided. That was awesome. I mean this was by far the best thing on the show and then Zoe stark mike a promo. And it's on the sorry and then by the way so swerve wins the match with leeann. Russia's beats the guy with this move in the middle of the ring and then this poor sport leon rough attacks is poor guy. And they're gonna keep feuding so okay. Well that's fine. At least they had a good match. That i want to see again and then finally yes. Would this ever have gone head to head with a w the main event that they gave us. It's the waivers shotsie. Ember loomis They do a bunch of comedy like What's her name Andy hartwell loves the creep from the creep farm. She wants him to love her. It's just like the whole match. This is the main event of the show and they're doing comedy and finally he cares to the back and she gives a big thumbs up. And i'm like ro. This is the main event of your first tuesday. She'll you're trying to get some people that normally watch a to go. You know what. I like this annex t show. I'm gonna watch it. What is this a creepy guy is. I'm like throw so anyway Read who got beaten on the last show. He gets his big win here. He gets his win back. This show was fine but like the point of this show is all of these. Awa fans might go. Hey i want to watch this show this week. That's what you gave them a show. That was there with a comedy made of it. Maybe it's gonna work out great. Maybe all of those eighteen to thirty four. I'm gonna watch kill man. Look what i've been missing. I did not think that this was a showcase show. Frantic t there. I went there first. Tuesday listen if you did. That's what matters you not me. i'm gonna watch it anyway. We'll see how this turns out. Do you think it would have been better if there were arcade video games in lagos. Dude i don't know and violence and blood that match. What if trends mom picked up they. They went outside. Dexter was carrying the outside to over the horizon. I guess and mom picked him up with. That have made it better. I don't know what it would have made it better. I don't know. I just know that i watched and listen. You can say whatever you want about video game surrounding the ring because as a fan going into that match. I was excited to see that match. I was like oh my god. This feud is gonna continue but you know what it was like a really violent match and people liked it and it's done well in the ratings. So that's what i have to say about that. But this one you know what maybe this show is gonna do million viewers because when we come back from the break do everybody. I'm going to tell you how wrong. I was on monday wrong. With a capital w. r. o. n. g. back in a moment. Now you can make your home great and save money right now. When you call renewal by anderson you can buy four windows and get the fifth one free plus you get twelve months with no interest. No money down. 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