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We're gonna go with you. Look let me just agree with with foxy before dan como here with this nonsense whole name i could do. I can do the dane. Bring dance face up. And i'll just i'll do a fudge. No guys there's no go do that. Baby put all they're fudging faith into carson wentz so would they change that now carson wentz his main he's only gonna come back to us only to be out for five weeks and he's not gonna miss very much time so fudging decision that you may objects waiting. I'm just waiting on to tell. Jacob beeson sam bellinger game get them through the first fire because they so great. That's when i'm waiting for him to say here's the deal man. Here's the deal to your point. Like nick fall the whole conversation. The whole entire conversation was about what frank reich recreating carson wentz. So why are they held a conversation about where he can recreate and make fouls for five weeks. Potentially that he got a hold on in order for the for the costa serbia khachigian with carson wentz. Come back the second part is it makes what the hell you think carson wins. Did we do doing quarterback. Let's do another one with a guy that you already know. So those are the points some those those are the reiterate some of the points that foxy made. But it's also the tail people. Before dan get on talking about is gonna hurt his hair. And that ain't the right report you need in the locker room. The people trying to win games and.

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