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Morning at ESPN Radio Magic Meyer Metcalf that changes today because during the commercial break We were watching the Basketball Africa League on ESPN News. It's on there right now. And we're watching J. Cole. Put up shots were watching him on the floor playing. Professional basketball. Gotta love 2021. I mean, this is this is just great. We're doing that today. God bless America. How are you? My remit cap. I'm good, And I wonder if J. Cole is any good. I mean, he scored and that's why we're paying attention. And I was just thinking how so much of this comes from What's happened in the NBA Every last 2030 years like it just sort of was the seed. That sparked basketball around the world, and that's why you're seeing this. J. Cole, of course, was a walkout at ST John's and was part of the scout team for the women's teams got teams scouting for the women's team He did. He tried to walk on the ST John's, but he was the scout team with women's team. That same chance you've seen him on NBA All Star weekend in the celebrity game as well. Loves to hoop and is getting an opportunity there for the visit The river's Hooper's BC's Yeah, he's he's with the Patriots. BC, I believe that's his that system. By the way. Are you cool with that man like a celebrity like making a calling saying, Hey, I'd like to play in a in a pro league. Give me a chance that tzekel I don't worry about taking another person's slot or anything like that. Because here's the deal. You want to build the game. You want to build the brand and this league. Would we be talking about this league if he were not in it? We just mentioned him on ESPN Radio, the basketball African League and we're doing it now. Nature. All right. That'll do it for ESPN radio. Thanks for joining us today. Appreciate all if everybody's so everybody.

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