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The case. The Electoral College will officially Vote tomorrow. Certifying President elect Biden's victory. You're listening to ABC News now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. First Cove in 19 vaccinations in the Bay Area will happen in a couple of days. The first hospitals receiving the vaccine include UCSF Stafford and Suck a Verb General hospital. The CDC says the first doses will be given to frontline workers and residents and employees of long term care facilities. A singer speaking out about her relationship with a long time actor, F K A Twigs, has filed a lawsuit against Shyla above, claiming he was physically and emotionally abusive. In the lawsuit, the 32 year old singer, a legend Leboeuf, one, slammed her into a car tried to strangle her. Annoyingly gave her an STD lobe of told The New York Times. I have no excuses from my alcoholism and aggression. Police say one man is under arrest after day seized thousands of pounds of fireworks and legal firearms in the south L. A neighborhood of Florence Firestone officers detained 30 year old Eric Ramos after traffic stop I'm Royal Balon. Sacramento traffic checking KFBK traffic in Colusa I five, both north and south bound at the Maxwell Safety rest areas. The exits are shut down in both directions. You have sewer work taking place and that continues until December. 31st. So the end of the year is when that will wrap up. Then, in the Sierra 80 westbound at the California and Vatis State line, the roadways reduced to only one lane. You have the ditch Slope stabilization project taking place. You also have long term closures of the fair it on and off ramps, and this is set to continue until next year..

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