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Fire mueller and his efforts to curtail his investigation. I bet these are gonna slam. Dunks do very juicy. Yeah 'cause muller was like hey bro. I'm investigating you fire on me. <hes> trees yeah there. I wonder if if he'd have you can't recuse yourself. I'm the. I'm the main witness in this. I'm i'm interested to see how we sorts it out. Any final thoughts guys know excited for more mullah report. This is actually really cool lake at breaking it down even though we've talked about a lot of these topics before like hashing it out her rehashing it always is nice and i wonder like actually which congress people are listening. Maybe like they should it'd be listening to some of these elision report yeah even like the regular audible <hes> one. I wonder like i don't know hey staffers. What's up yeah yeah. It's really cool yeah. It's fun. I learned a lot and also terrifying yeah. Definitely you know my sad. Feelings are now reminiscent of <hes> the twenty eighteen election when when i was discouraged by the results because i wanted there to be just a ridiculously large wave of it was but because the context of everything like he wants to write because everything else is so messed up in there such a huge hill to climb for us to get back to a place that is right it. It's hard to like celebrate what you just laid out which is a pretty big victory in terms of what he found at least in what congress could take and run with and what another office can take and run run with once he gets out of the president's the presidency but i know you're like oh. It's like i'm losing sight of what's in front of us which is objectively a good thing because yeah because we got forty two seats in the largest <hes> vote disparity between republicans and democrats since and watergate <hes> and we're all like oh man yeah yeah yeah like not good enough because for example where we're at right now because we don't have the senate. We can't go anywhere with impeachment right any gun. Control legislation getting passed nothing's happening. We can't get election security implemented. We can't get i think he's sitting on a hundred and twenty eight bills. Mitch mcconnell and you say when trump gets outta office. It's some people think if he's the first president i can think of where people are like. I wonder if he'll leave like as any other one. Maybe nixon right. No no nixon resigned. Nobody nobody ever thought he wonder right but filling signed finding such at sorry dinner no. You're you're right on point with. I like he's so different from everyone else right. Yeah no one's ever been like such a demagogue yeah or even joked on multiple occasions about a forever president through he's like oh it pisses off the liberals. Just keep telling him trump twenty forever. You know he keeps saying that joke. It's ridiculous ridiculous but i think deep down. He was trying to lube that truth. You know yes one of their strategies yeah we we thought he was joking about buying greenland and then no he was looking serious and he cancelled cancelled as goddamn me right greenland because they said we're not selling you greenland yeah the fact that he's president. That's i will never underestimate him because i thought his campaign was the job i think he i think he likes likes us to not know when he serious when his job it works in favour but then the objective truth going back to the election in this is that we are in a better spot now than we would have been had gone worse which was obvious statement. We're resisting that gives me hope but yeah the world is going through a wave of yeah. All you know boris. Johnson is like or a worse trump and right. We're just got elected. Imagine imagine imagine if muller like didn't or if he never went on lester holt or something just in these key pieces of evidence that led to him being able to write such like a cogent arguments arguments you know trump was smart. Yeah it could be worse trump going to be smart. You might not unhappy right now. I was watching johnson onto actually is like a smart trump because i heard that he messes up his hair on purpose before he goes on stage. I it could be a rumor..

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