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This is Richard McLean Smith creator of unexplained to coincide with the launch of unexplained the book on October twenty fifth to show we'll be touring number festival and bookshops throughout the UK with dates from September twenty eighth to November fourteenth, if you'd like to come and see me or to ask me a question about the show or anything else, be sure to check unexplained podcast dot com forward slash events for more details. welcome unexplained extra with me, Richard McLean Smith for the weeks in between episodes. We look at the stories that for one reason or other didn't make it into the show. In last week's episode here is always somewhere else. We looked at the beguiling story of Shanti Debbie, a young girl from Delhi India who believed she had once lived another life. Debbie's claim was considered so convincing. It was investigated by number of journalists and dignitaries, many of whom were left in no doubt that it was true. When researching his first book in the early nineteen sixties psychiatrist, Dr Ian Stevenson, who dedicated much of his life's work to investigating the possibility of reincarnation traveled to India for part of his study. In just four weeks. He was said to have found twenty five individuals with compelling claims of a past life. Critics of the book argued that such an overabundance of Indian based stories revealed the folly of his word that so many people would claim to be reincarnated. They argued was evidence of a clear cultural bias that readily accepted the apparent phenomena. As fact Stevenson argued in response. It was precisely because it was more widely accepted that possible incidences of reincarnation were recorded. When those from other coaches would instead dismissed the evidence as merely coincidence or the result of a sub-conscious absorption of information. Regardless of what you believe. There is no doubt something fascinating at play at the heart of all reincarnation stories, which is the notion of what it is exactly that is apparently being reincarnated. For some the idea that Shanti Debbie had once lived as a young woman named Luke de by has trying to imagine the experience for ourselves. Dying one day only to reemerge in the mind of the young child. The next. For those more familiar with the Hindu and put his concept of reincarnation. However, the process is not apparently that look deep by was reborn, but rather that a central nameless essence once contained in the body of Luc de by, but very much distinct from what we might ordinarily considered to be her later reemerged in the body shanty Debbie. Either way it is almost impossible to conceive of such a thing without thinking of it in terms of the self. Most of us regardless it, we believe in soul or not, will tend to uphold the importance of the self. That thing, which we feel makes us who we are individual and distinct from others. It might be surprising therefore, to learn that despite how therm you'll sense of self might be that seemingly solid idea of you could well be nothing, but a useful fallacy. On thirty September eighteen forty, eight construction workers. Just south of the town of Kevin dish in Vermont. USA were busy blasting through rock to make way for a new railroad. It had just gone four thirty PM when twenty five year old Forman Phoenix gauge began preparing for the next blast. It was a fairly rudimentary batali dangerous procedure. The Tim volt first boring, a deep and narrow hole into the rock before filling it to part way with explosive powder. The mix within be topped off with sand and all compacted down with three and a half foot long. I and rod gate was just packing the explosives when having been distracted by a co worker, he accidentally scraped the rock as he brought the iron rod down onto the powder. In an instant sparks flying off the rod ignited the powder and caused a catastrophic explosion. The road one and a quarter inches in diameter with rocketed into the air straight into finance, his face penetrating, just under the cheekbone. It dismantled the left Izhak it before shooting through the left side of his brain and out through the top of his head. Gaijin turn was thrown to the floor where he lay on his back convulsing, his left eye bulging out of its socket as the blood poured freely from the giant gaping hole in his head. His co workers rushed to help, but naturally feared the worst. So it was with great surprise. When moments later gage began to talk. Realizing he was still alive. The men dragged him to the nearest ox-cart. Sat him on his back and had him taken to Kevin dish town, three quarters of a mile away. When they arrived at the town's hotel. Fini's walked out the cart himself and was even able to walk up the stairs to a nursing room where he waited patiently for the arrival of the doctor. When physician Edward Williams arrived twenty minutes later, he was shocked and horrified by what he found. Perhaps most surprising, however, was that not only did finished recognize him, but that he seemed completely self aware uttering. The famously understated line doctor here is business enough for you. As gauge recounted the details of the accident Williams washed incredulous as what was left of his brain pulsating from within his skull moments later gauge, got up to vomit causing half a teacup full of his brain to fall onto the floor. Soon after they were joined by Dr John Harlow, who together with Williams, what fast to clear, the extensive wound pulling large fragments of bone and brain from outer gauges skull. After finally staunching the flow of blood hollow made a final examination for more bone finding that he was able to place the entirety of his index finger through the three and a half inch hole without meeting any resistance. The next few weeks proved to be a fraud period of convalescence as the wound became infected and gauge drifted in and out of delirium and consciousness. But by the twentieth of October, with the infection, having cleared up cage was able to get himself in and out of bed. Within weeks. He was taking walks into town and on November twenty. Fifth, only ten weeks after the accident. He was permitted to return to his parents home in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Incredibly despite losing a significant part of his left frontal lobe. Gauges memory seemed completely unaffected by the injury and by eighteen fifty according to Henry Bigelow professor of surgery averred university, he appeared to be quite recovered in faculties of body and mind. According to finish his friends. However, something fundamental had been lost. Though there has been much speculation as to how exactly the injury affected gauge according to Bigalow it attorney, the apparently wants composed and benevolent man into something far more fitful and irreverend who is now prone to indulging in the grossest profanity. Friends apparently found him. So radically changed that they no longer considered him to be finance gauge. We can only speculate as to how much gauge himself thought he had changed from the man. He was prior to the accident. Or if he was even aware of having changed at all. But certainly if we were to swap the fundamental characteristics we hold most true to ourselves with completely opposite characteristics. There are few who wouldn't consider their sense of self to be radically changed. Such an analysis, however, might say far more about what we believe personal identity to be than it does about the truth of who any of his actually are. According

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